Naked Rob


Monday, May 6


band   track   album   label

(intro) Revolting Cocks   Get Down   Beers, Steers & Qveers   Wax Trax!

Evil Angel    Necro Black Mass    Unholy Evil Metal     Hells Headbangers

The Creation Factory     I Don’t Know What To Do     The Creation Factory     Lolipop Records

Bootlicker    Defection    Nuclear Family E.P.     Neon Taste Records

Ausmuteants     Favourite Cop    …Present The World In Handcuffs     Anti Fade Records

Khiis    Parasite    Bezoar     La Vida Es Un Mus Discos


Hard Charger    Rite Fuct    Hard Charger    Vol.4: Take The Guff and Suffer   Wasted Time Records

Regional Justice Center     To Cope    Split 7″   

Elbow Deep    I Shat When I Came    Bodily Fluids    Horror Pain Gore Death

The Hip Priests    Deja Eu    Stand For Nothing    Gods Candy Records

Hellgoat    Slay the Lamb    Death Conquers All (reissue)    Boris Records


Fleshies    Bruisee    Introducing The Fleshies    Dirt Cult Records

Helms Alee    Interachnid    Noctiluca    Sargent House

Charger     Victim    Charger    Pirates Press Records


Something Is Waiting    Nikki Lanes New Nashville AirBnB    Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion      Learning Curve Records

Protruders    Fruit Hang    Poison Future    Feel It Records

Omenfilth    Summon The Beast Of Damnation    Devourer of the Seven Moons    Eternal Death


Salem’s Bend    Catamount    Supercluster    Ripple Music

Neolithic    War Discordance    Neolithic    Self-Released

The Progerians    Netjeret    Crush The Wise Men Who Refuse To Submit    Mottow Soundz

Theories    Ill Will    Vessel    Corpse Flower Records

Golden Pelicans    Jester’s Feast    Grinding For Gruel     12XU

Hands Of God    Sacrifice    Blueprint For Self Destruction    Flatspot Records

Asomvel    Payback’s A Bitch    World Shaker    Heavy Psych Sounds


Isotope    Not So Distant    Isotope 

Fried Egg    Why Bother    Square One    Feel It Records

E.T. Explore Me    Dig me Baby    Shine    Voodoo Rhythm

The Cowboys    Stillborn Genius    The Bottom of a Rotten Flower    Feel It Records

Valley of the Sun    Faith is for Suckers    Old Gods    Fuzzorama Records

Jars    Sabotage    Jars II     Pogo Records

Glitter Wizard    Dead Man’s Wax    Opera Villains    Heavy Psych Sounds

Skullsmasher    Mandatory Nuclear Suicide    Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery    Selfmadegod

Req’d    MOON    Fall In Love On Hate Street    Wondertaker

Steve Adamyk Band    Paradise    Paradise    Dirtnap Records

Shotgun Sawyer    Ain’t Tryin To Go Down Slow    Bury The Hatchet    Ripple Music

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