Puzzling Evidence Show Product #73
December 31, 2015 12:00am


Puzzling Evidence
Puzzling Evidence Show Product #73
Chatroom History
December 31, 2015 12:00am - 4:30am

nexus_6: good night Mrs. and all the other hooligans (12:00am)
Mrs.: PE (12:00am)
Mrs.: yah (12:00am)
Mrs.: tootlies (12:01am)
Mrs.: hi pe (12:11am)
Mrs.: don't take the call (12:11am)
fropchopula: what is this rice crispies? (12:21am)
fropchopula: WHO BROKE THE GDMN CABLE (12:21am)
fropchopula: BOOPER... WTF? (12:23am)
fropchopula: weeee (12:24am)
fropchopula: hiya boop (12:25am)
fropchopula: at least someones listening (12:26am)
fropchopula: when time like obama.. dont change shit (12:26am)
fropchopula: \m/ (12:27am)
fropchopula: line line line line... this already haopened (12:28am)
Mrs.: bewareofinvasions (12:28am)
fropchopula: hiya miss (12:28am)
fropchopula: do u get a boop when i boop at booper? (12:29am)
fropchopula: sream (12:29am)
fropchopula: stream a lil stream (12:30am)
fropchopula: how many listeners ? dont say 0 (12:31am)
Don't Say: Show Nuff (12:37am)
fropchopula: pangea is a hoax (12:44am)
fropchopula: beam me up.. scotty (12:47am)
fropchopula: important tapes...corrupted (12:48am)
fropchopula: vape the tape (1:43am)
fropchopula: and vice versa (1:43am)
fropchopula: NEXT CART (1:46am)
fropchopula: %u2022%u2022%u2022---%u2022%u2022%u2 022 (1:49am)
fropchopula: %u2022�%u2022�%u03C0%u221A%u03C0� (1:49am)
fropchopula: %u2206�%u2122%u20AC�%u2022� (1:50am)
fropchopula: %u2022%u2022%u2022%u2022%u221A%u221A %u221A%u221A%u221A%u2022%u221A%u221A %u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A %u2022%u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A %u221A%u221A%u221A%u221A������������ �����%u221A%u221A%u2022%u2022%u2022% u266A%u2022%u266A%u2660%u2665%u221A% u2022%u2022%u221A%u221A%u2022%u221A% u221A%u03A0%u03A0 (1:53am)
fropchopula: :) (1:54am)
fropchopula: why did the chicken john x the day? (1:55am)
fropchopula: eiyiyiyiyie (1:56am)
fropchopula: uno mas (1:56am)
fropchopula: booper. more booper (1:56am)
fropchopula: ..!., (1:57am)
vj pussycat: nooooooooooo (1:57am)
fropchopula: dis is the end...meow (1:58am)
fropchopula: boopboop ff2052 #1362 77328 (2:00am)
fropchopula: kareoke (2:01am)
fropchopula: dokie (2:01am)
fropchopula: jfk brain in cryonaise (2:02am)
fropchopula: p (2:03am)
fropchopula: u (2:03am)
fropchopula: z (2:03am)
fropchopula: z (2:03am)
fropchopula: l (2:03am)
fropchopula: e (2:03am)
fropchopula: s (2:03am)
fropchopula: same bay channel (2:04am)
fropchopula: ohmmmm (2:04am)
fropchopula: clap ya clap clap ya (2:04am)
fropchopula: it was the noid (2:05am)
fropchopula: year of toad (2:05am)
fropchopula: eiyiyiyiyiyie (2:09am)
fropchopula: gr8$torybro (2:11am)
fropchopula: � (2:14am)
fropchopula: %u2605 (2:15am)
fropchopula: %u20B1�@%u2030%u2205%u2030 (2:19am)
fropchopula: prabob (2:21am)
fropchopula: called iT (2:26am)
fropchopula: beaurocrats (2:27am)
fropchopula: more bloooper (2:28am)
vj pussycat: tps report (2:43am)

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