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Malderor - Bootie Hangover Show!
July 24, 2016 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Bootie Hangover Show!
This was a Bootie Hangover episode, which always means it's sloppy and haphazard. I don't remember the finer points of the broadcast, but I played a couple versions of the KISS classic "Goin' Blind." I don't know. Give it a listen.

I Just Don't Know by The MC5

2:08pm: Tin by NYRE

2:10pm: Swallow My Pride by Soundgarden

2:14pm: Hate For Police, Love For Oakland by Nervous

2:19pm: The Coast by PUP

2:23pm: Blistered by Hater

2:25pm: Blitzkrieg Bop (live) by The Remones

2:33pm: Riverflow (live) by The Levellers

2:34pm: This Ain't Livin' by Jesus' Sons

2:36pm: Coming Home by Andalucia Rose

2:45pm: Blues From A Gun (Live) by The Jesus and Mary Chain

2:48pm: HIgh Falutin' Woman by Grand Funk Railroad

2:53pm: Goin' Blind by The Melvins

2:58pm: Zingers from Hollywood Squares

3:00pm: Days of Desperaton by Descendents

3:01pm: 8am Headlights by The Murderburgers

3:04pm: Six Years On Dope by NoFX

3:11pm: Garageland by Anger Management League

3:13pm: 1977 by Anger Management League

3:16pm: My Love For Evermore by The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

3:23pm: Blade Runner Main Theme (a capella) by Petra Haden

3:26pm: Winter by New Model Army

3:30pm: Goin' Blind by Dinosaur Jr.

3:42pm: Business A.U. by Descendents

3:42pm: Maybe by Booze & Glory

3:57pm: Bad Religion WOrd of the Week

3:57pm: I Can't Live WIthout My Radio by LL Cool J

4:09pm: return to normal schedule.

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