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The Curated Catastrophe - The Week That Was
January 10, 2021 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - The Week That Was
Well, it's been quite a week here in old the USA. I'm trying to make sense of it, and process it all, through this medium of "radio" or whatever it's called. Musically we're hearing from some big names this weekend. Sabbath, the Pistols, Ian Hunter, and even a little Bruce Springsteen. Also, new music from Ferocious Dog and Drew Bordeaux. And lots of Bad Religion, for some reason, as we look back on the chaotic week that was.

Audio samples do not indicate an endorsement of viewpoints. In fact, if I have time, I think I might go back and retroactively edit the podcast. I feel like I gave perhaps too much time to the rantings of madmen and sore losers. I initially felt like it was important for people to hear what had been said, but now I think I gave too much airtime to people who can't do math.

I did have a lot of...perhaps "fun" isn't the right word, but I found some catharsis in assembling the many voices of this chaotic week. Give it a spin if you want to hear a LOT of voices, viewpoints, and opinions of one of the worst incidents in American history.

2:02pm: People = Shit (Slipknot Cover) by Richard Cheese

2:02pm: Sounds From The Trump Rally And Capitol Invasion by January 6th

2:03pm: The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath

2:06pm: Incitement to Treason Pt 1 by Don Jr.

2:08pm: Streets Of America by Bad Religion

2:11pm: Incitement to Treason Pt 2 by Don Jr.

2:12pm: Criminal Pledge to Hedley Lamarr by Blazing Saddles

2:13pm: Incitement to Treason Pt 3 by Don Sr.

2:14pm: Liar by Sex Pistols

2:16pm: Incitement to Treason Pt 4 by Don Sr.

2:17pm: Big Black Dog by Bad Religion

2:19pm: Incitement to Treasont Pt 5 by Don Sr.

2:20pm: "I Got Maced" by Elizabeth From Knoxville

2:22pm: Duelling Banjos by Eric Weissberg · Steve Mandell

2:22pm: Trump Auctions Off Arctic Drilling, January 6, 2021 by Bloomberg

2:23pm: Twitter Address During Capitol Sedition, Pt 1 by Don Sr.

2:23pm: Traitor by Ian Hunter

2:26pm: Twitter Address During Capitol Sedition, Pt 2 by Don Sr.

2:27pm: The Next Hitler by Bill Burr

2:31pm: The Man Who Sold The World by Simple Minds

2:33pm: A Clear Explanation of Q-Anon by The Q-Anon Shaman

2:34pm: Free Speech For The Dumb by Metallica

2:43pm: January 6, 2021 Will Live In Infamy by Chuck Schumer

2:44pm: F.O.D. by Green Day

2:46pm: Excerpt 1 - The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell by MSNBC

2:47pm: Comparison to Benghazi by Chris Hayes

2:48pm: Doesn't Make It Alright by Stiff Little Fingers

2:53pm: World Leaders React To Siege On Capitol by Nightly News

2:56pm: Anarchy In The U.S.A. by Motley Crüe

2:58pm: Las Vegas Activists React To Police Response At Capitol by Fox5 Las Vegas

3:00pm: White Nationalism At The Riot by John Brennan, Former CIA Director

3:00pm: Opinion by Chris Hayes

3:00pm: Excerpt 3 - The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell by MSNBC

3:02pm: Take 'Em All by Cock Sparrer

3:10pm: Trump Is A Flagrant, Toxic Narcissist by Bruce Springsteen

3:11pm: Long Walk Home by Bruce Springsteen

3:16pm: A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus by Stephen Colbert

3:18pm: A Selfish Man's Injured Pride by Sen. Mitt Romney

3:19pm: Gimme Some Truth by Generation X

3:22pm: Activists, Lawmakers Compare Police Response to BLM Protests by King 5 Seattle

3:25pm: The New Dark Ages (Live, 2020) by Bad Religion

3:27pm: Cowards Never Lead From The Front by Steve Schmidt

3:28pm: The Charge (Live, 2003) by New Model Army

3:37pm: Excerpt - Martians by Sesame Street

3:38pm: How Would Police Respond If Black Lives Matter Stormed The Capitol by The 11th Hour MSNBC

3:39pm: World Leader Pretend by REM

3:43pm: How Would Police Respond If Black Lives Matter Stormed The Capitol by The 11th Hour MSNBC

3:44pm: Opinion by Chris Hayes

3:45pm: American Dream by Ferocious Dog

3:48pm: Ossoff Win Called by Fox News

3:49pm: Ossoff Win Called by MSNBC

3:50pm: Victory Speech by Rafael Warnock

3:51pm: Pink Houses (Cover) by Drew Bordeaux

3:54pm: Announcement of Ballot Count Confirming Biden/Harris Win by Mike Pence

3:56pm: Revolution (B-Side Version) by The Beatles

3:39pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

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