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The Curated Catastrophe - Party In The New Studio!
June 27, 2021 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - Party In The New Studio!
All the gear is set-up, and we have a little opening party for our new studio space. (Tunes are a little more "accessible" this week, since there was a party going on in the space.)

2:03pm: Everything Will Flow (Rollo Vocal Mix) by Suede

2:15pm: Fish Below The Ice (Plankton Enriched Mix) by Shriekback

2:17pm: Conquering Lion (Rebel Sound) (Smith and Mighty Mix) by Yabby You

2:22pm: Kunta Kinte Dub (Version One) by The Revolutionaries

2:29pm: Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry

2:33pm: The Bomb Drops by The Jeep Beat Collective

2:37pm: Triple Trouble by The Beastie Boys

2:43pm: Shall We Take A Trip by Northside

2:52pm: Love Spreasds by The Stone Roses

2:53pm: Take Five by Northside

2:59pm: Real Real Real (The Real Club Mix) by Jesus Jones

3:08pm: Sound Of Da Police (Remix) by KRS-One

3:15pm: Brighton Rock by Queen

3:21pm: Jump In The Fire by Harry Nilsson

3:25pm: Miss Misery by Nazareth

3:29pm: Sing Along by Sturgill Simpson

3:38pm: London Calling by The Clash

3:42pm: Every Fallen In Love? by The Buzzcocks

3:43pm: Step On by Happy Mondays

3:50pm: We A Rockers by Inner Circle

3:55pm: Kung Fu by The Dirtbombs

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