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Epidsode #002: Second Round: Line 'em up!
July 21, 2021 10:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Epidsode #002: Second Round: Line 'em up!
Welcome back. The Alchemist here, filling up you glasses with elixirs to intoxicate your senses and expand your mind.

This week we'll be exploring a different set of ingredients and compounds from my bar/lab. So sit back and relax, enjoy a nice beverage, and immerse yourself in the sound.


1. Swamp Thing (5:00) by Hiatus Kaiyote from Choose Your Weapon, 2015--Jazz/Funk/Soul/Art Rock.
2. Shine It (4:59) by Medeski, Martin & Wood from End of the World Party (Just in Case), 2004--Jazz Fusion/Avante-Groove.

3. Back in the Box (4:26) by David Byrne from David Byrne, 1994--Art Rock
4. Skin (5:59) by Bent Knee from Shiny Eyed Babies, 2014, Art Rock/Progressive Metal/Noise Pop.

5. Win My Train Fair Home (6:04) by Robert Plant from Dreamland, 2002--Psychedelic Blues Rock.
6. Superposition of Silhouettes (3:43) by The Mercury Tree from Spidermilk, 2019--Art Rock/Progressive Rock/Psychedelic
7. Axis (6:37) by Monkey3 from Sphere, 2019--Progressive Rock/Space Rock.
8. Dark Side of the Moog (6:23) by Colosseum II from Strange New Flesh, 1976--Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion
9. Qismah (6:26) by Rocket Moth from Mesolow, 2016--Indie Rock/Progressive Rock

10. Open Mind (3:49) by Blackfield from Blackfield (2004) Indie Rock/Progressive Rock
11. Soulogik Syntax (5:04) by The Broun Felinis from Aphrokubist Improvisations Vol. 9, 1995--Jazz/Beat Poetry.

12. Move Together (5:04) by Desert Sessions (featuring Billy Gibbons) from Vols. 11 & 12, 2019--Experimental Rock
13. Color Me Once (4:09) by Violent Femmes from The Crow (Original Movie Soundtrack), 1995--Alt Rock

14. Letter (4:43) by the Dizzy Mystics from Wanderlost, 2019--Art Rock/Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock
15. Suspicious Waveforms (6:34) by Thank You Scientist from Maps of Non-Existent Places, 2014--Progressive Rock/Metal/Jazz Fusion

16. Time Was (9:42) by Wishbone Ash from Argus, 1972--Classic Progressive Rock
17. Luminol (12:10) by Steven Wilson from The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories), 2013-Progressive Rock/Metal/Jazz Fusion

18. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand (3:59) by Sex Mob from Dime Grind Palace, 2003--Jazz
19. Elegant People (5:03) by Weather Report from Black Market, 1976--Jazz Fusion

20. Perfect Day (3:45) by Lou Reed from Transformer, 1972--Classic Rock.

Mic Break Sound Bed: Maybe I'll Lend You Mine Anyway (2:03) by Brand X from X-Trax, 1977--Jazz Fusion

Next week's vibe: Heavy/Atmospheric/Tribal with Ecological and Spiritual Themes of Recycling Souls and Cans.

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