Yay Metal!
November 17, 2021 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Yay Metal!
We got some great new metal tunes that, unlike most metal we get, don't have grunting or Cookie Monster vocals. How refreshing! Great bands like Burning, Altareth, Fire Down Below, Wine Lips, Eartheater, plus we threw in some Classics by Metallica, Ozzy, Sabbath. Nice to turn it up, and thanks for listening!

12:03am: Scourge Of Humanity by Burning

12:07am: The Cosmic Pilgrim by Fire Down Below

12:19am: Blood by Altareth

12:25am: Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy

12:31am: Paranoid - Live by Black Sabbath

12:38am: Mall Walker by Wine Lips

12:40am: Couch Surfing by The Surfragettes

12:43am: Stories by The Crowd Company

12:48am: Hearts are Jumping by The Eminent Stars

12:51am: Nobody by Ravenscry

12:56am: Fire by Knightress M1

1:02am: Black Pope by Burning

1:09am: Seek And Destroy - Live by Metallica

1:26am: Scripture by Eartheater

1:30am: Sunset by Makaya McCraven

1:33am: Ray's Idea by Chet Baker

1:47am: Mr Shingle Bangle by The Filfthy Six

1:51am: Track 11 by Mother Funk Conspiracy

2:00am: Dog Years by Rush

2:05am: Dissconnected by Queensryche

2:09am: The Riddle by Steve Vai

2:16am: On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd

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