A final solution
November 29, 2021 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
A final solution

10:04pm: Rated X by Miles Davis from Get Up With It
10:08pm: Final Solution by Pere Ubu from The Hearpin Singles
10:13pm: Frankie Teardrop by Lydia Lunch Retrovirus live
10:22pm: In Heaven There is No Beer by Frankie Yankovick
10:31pm: 96 Tears (live at CBGS's) by Suicide
10:35pm: Spector vs. Reactor 2 by The Fall from Totale's Returns
10:40pm: Black Sabbath by The Soft Moon from What is this that stands before me?
10:47pm: The Satanic Bible Book of Satan, Verse I by Anton Levay
10:49pm: Live at Death By Audio Brooklyn, June 2010 by Child Abuse
11:02pm: All Things Must Pass by George Harrison from All Things Must Pass
11:05pm: Chelsa Hotel no 2 by Leonard Cohen from New Skin For Old Ceremony
11:08pm: Nobody Loves You When Your Down and Out by John Lennon from Anthology disc 3
11:14pm: Stage Fright by The Band from Stage Fright
11:18pm: Carmilita by Warren Zevon from Warren Zevon
11:21pm: Karz4kids by Metal Cover from ???
11:30pm: Boyz are gonna rock by Vinnie Vincent from Invasion
11:34pm: Maggot Brain by Parliment Funkadelic from Maggot Brain
11:44pm: Star City by CCR Headcleaner from Street Riffs
11:55pm: Blinded By The Light by Bruce Springsteen from Greeting From Asbury Park N.J.

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