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Hell's Kitchen Radio #461: Flippin' Out With Stephen DePace
December 27, 2021 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #461: Flippin' Out With Stephen DePace
What an honor it was to host the drummer of one of the most influential bands in a generation (or three), Stephen DePace of Flipper! I've interviewed Ted Falcone and Rachel Thoele back in 2019, in preparation for Flipper's 40th anniversary, and this time around Stephen came in to talk up the Radio Valencia co-presents at Bottom of the Hill on December 30th and New Year's Eve!

What started as an interview, quickly became a Flipper retrospective, as Stephen brought all of their releases with him (of which I had all of them of course), and told some brilliant stories about each track.

Really, this is a must listen show for all of you aging punk rockers, and Flipper fans. Even you youngsters should check this out to add to your punk street cred. Ha!

Join Radio Valencia Thursday, December 30th, and Friday, New Year's Eve for Flipper, comedian Neil Hamburger, Mike Watt and the Missingmen (12/30 only), and Electric Machine Gun Tits (NYE only).

I'm your MC on 12/30!

Radio Valencia will have a merch table with brand new RV t-shirts for sale, $15-$20 sliding scale donation.

Bottom of the Hill has a strict COVID protocol. You must show your vaccination card upon entry, and anyone seen with their mask off (other than for drink or food), will be told to leave. No exceptions!

Go to Bottom of the Hill for tickets and info. We can't wait to ring in the new year with Flipper and YOU!



The White Man's Got A God Complex: Last Poets
Ever: Flipper
Shed No Tears: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Get Away: Flipper
Santa Dog: The Residents
Time Axe Bag Dad: Club Foot Orchestra
Sex Bomb Baby: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly: Flipper
Clench To Stay Awake: The Garden
Hog Leg: Melvins
The Light, The Sound: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Life: Flipper
No Fun: The Stooges

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

We're Not Crazy: Flipper
Triple Mass: Flipper
Ha Ha Ha: Flipper

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