Soul Ska 4-16-22
April 11, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Soul Ska 4-16-22
Congrats to Wendy for winning the pair on Soul Ska tickets, playing this Saturday 4-16 at The Great American Music Hall! Lovely to have you on the air!

This was a really fun show. Played so much funky skankin' music that just had us dancing almost the whole show. Heavy doses Soul Ska of course, Skatelites, Dance Hall Crashers, plus played some new tunes by Amazin' 5, Crushed Velvet, York, Knightress M1, and some Primus to round it out. Cheers! Congrats again to Wendy, and thanks for listening!

Also played some other local SF bands, Aphrodesia, Spaceblaster,

4:01pm: Ska On The Radio by Soul Ska

4:06pm: Mirror In The Bathroom by The English Beat

4:09pm: Consider Me by The Skatelites

4:11pm: Beds Too Big Without You by The Police

4:17pm: A 5 Jam by Amazin' Five

4:23pm: Papa Don't Take No Mess by James Brown

4:27pm: Good Thang by Crushed Velvet and The Velveteers, Kim Dawson

4:30pm: Ochun Mi - Live by Aphrodesia

4:39pm: Rude Girl by Soul Ska

4:43pm: Ghost Town by The Specials

4:46pm: DHC by Dance Hall Crashers

4:49pm: Washingtonian by Super Hi-Fi

4:55pm: Enough by Dance Hall Crashers

4:58pm: Force Of Nature by Knightress M1

5:01pm: Some People Fly by Queensryche

5:21pm: Ain't No Love by York, Josephine Nightingale

5:24pm: Friday Night by Aphrodesia

5:29pm: Lovers Melody by Soul Ska Feat. Ernest Ranglin

5:33pm: The Suffering by Fishbone by Sould Ska with Ernest Ranglin

5:40pm: Angus by Spaceblaster

5:43pm: The Animal by Steve Vai

5:47pm: Jerry Was A Race Car Driver by Primus

5:50pm: YYZ by Rush

5:56pm: Dub For Rico by The Skatelites

6:00pm: These Things Are True by Rico Rodriguez

6:04pm: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez

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