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Episode #040: Down the Rabbit Hole parts 1 & 2
May 11, 2022 6:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #040: Down the Rabbit Hole parts 1 & 2
1. Journey to the Center of the Mind by the Amboy Dukes
2. MIC BREAK: Hello: Nose Punch by John Lurie
3. White Rabbit by the Damned
4. Alice Said by the Screaming Trees
5. Psychotic Reaction by Count Five
6. My Little Red Book by Love
7. David Watts by the Kinks
8. Tell Me Something Good by Lee “Scratch” Perry
9. Outside Chance by the Turtles
10. Snowblind Friend by Steppenwolf
11. Gloria by Simple Minds
12. MIC BREAK: Vesuvio’s by John Lurie
13. The Green Manalishi by Fleetwood Mac
14. Hot Rails to Hell by Blue Oyster Cult
15. Evil Hearted You by the Yardbirds
16. She Bangs the Drums by the Stone Roses
17. Do Your Thing by the Temptations
18. Got to Give it Up, Part 1 by Marvin Gaye
19. You’re Gonna Miss Me by the 13th Floor Elevators
20. Bad Time for Bonzo by the Damned
21. Maggie M’Gill by the Doors
22. MIC BREAK: Skeevy and Johnny from Vegas
23. Let Me Comb Your Hair by Psychic Temple
24. Canaveral by Shellac
25. Johnny Was a Good Boy by the Mystery Trend
26. Who’ll Be the Next in Line by Queens of the Stone Age
27. Mexican Seafood by Nirvana
28. Lava Lamp Pisco by the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
29. The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie
30. Helter Skelter by Siouxsie and the Banshees
31. MIC BREAK: Green Onion by Booker T & the MG’s
32. I’m Five Years Ahead of Your Time by the Third Bardo
33. Take Warning by Operation Ivy
34. Collage by the James Gang
35. Stone Free by the Jimi Hendrix Experience
36. This Magic Moment by Lou Reed
37. MIC BREAK: Nose Punch (Short Version) by John Lurie

38. Smash it Up, Parts 1 & 2 by the Damned
39. I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night by the Electric Prunes
40. Monkey Gone to Heaven by the Pixies
41. Spy World by Wall of Voodoo
42. Miki’s Lush Beehive by the Mermen (mid song mic interruption…blah blah blah)
43. Trouble Every Day by the Mothers of Invention
44. I Can’t Quit Her by Blood, Sweat & Tears
45. Spazz by the Elastik Band
46. Let There Be More Light by Pink Floyd
47. When I Was Young by Eric Burdon and the Animals
48. Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf
49. Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr.
50. Egg Man by the Beastie Boys
51. Chocolate Drops by Iggy Pop
52. Eloise by the Damned
53. MIC BREAK: Can’t Be Still by Booker T & The MG’s
54. Requiem for a Dying Creed by Hypnos 69
55. Me & Mr. Jones by Amy Winehouse
56. Outta Me, Onto You by Ani DiFranco
57. Superfly by Curtis Mayfield
58. MIC BREAK: Romantic Walk by John Lurie
59. Basement by the Modern Sons
60. Tried and True by Ween
61. Don’t Look Back by the Remains
62. Incense and Peppermints by the Strawberry Alarm Clock
63. Did You See the Words by the Animal Collective
64. Alone Again Or by the Damned
65. Evil by UFO
66. MIC BREAK OUT: Chili at Airport by John Lurie

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