November 7, 2022 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
10:05pm: 25 or 6 to 4 live by Chicago
10:14pm: Concrete City Breakdown by Green Milk From the Planet Orange
10:40pm: Mingon Overture by The Salon Orchastra from La Salon Parashine
10:49pm: Et Purtant by Edith Piaf from Piaf
10:52pm: Pueblo and Yeuman by Music of north american india from A cry from the earth
10:52pm: valse triste by Alphaville OST
10:55pm: Sicco by Sonar senghor and his troupe from Tribal music and dances
10:59pm: Oedo Nihonbashi by Flowerdance Japanese folk meledies
11:07pm: Dark was the night cold was the ground by Blind Willie Johnson
11:09pm: TB Sheets by John Lee Hooker from live in 1978
11:40pm: California Uber Alies by Dead Kennadys
11:41pm: It was a good year by William Shatner from Spaced Out
11:46pm: Rocking Chair by Best of dixieland
11:50pm: Gone daddy blues by New Orleans shuffle
11:55pm: Junko Partner by James Booker from Lost Paramount Tapes

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