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The Curated Catastrophe - Electricity
December 4, 2022 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - Electricity
Due to the World Cup and things of that nature, Malderor and Shey from the Bay were not on the same page about the show today. They weren't sure they were doing an episode until shortly before airtime, so this episode is particularly high on the 'slapdash' scale. Shey had an unexpected theme of electronics and electrical components, which Malderor belatedly got on board with. Somehow, radio was manufactured. Give the podcast a spin to see how it all went down!

2:06pm: Battery by Metallica

2:11pm: We Resist by Midnight Oil

2:17pm: Blow my Fuse by Kix

2:27pm: Lux Aeterna by Metallica

2:31pm: Frenzy by Iggy Pop

2:34pm: Girl Can Help It (New Bomb Turks Cover) by Smalltown Tigers

2:43pm: Voltage by ITZY

2:50pm: Disclosure by Tthe Magnets feat Lorde

2:50pm: Power by Little Mix featuring Stormzy

3:06pm: Electricity by Suede

3:06pm: Electricity by Motorhead

3:06pm: Love Removal Machine by The Cult

3:20pm: No Disassemble! Excerpt from Short Circuit

3:21pm: Energy by Sampa the Great

3:26pm: Electricity by Dua Lipa featuring Dipole and Mark Ronson

3:34pm: Circuits by Oliver Tree

3:37pm: Sound System by Operation Ivy

3:39pm: The Power by Suede

3:46pm: Beyond Electric Dreams by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:51pm: Mindphaser (!2\" Mix) by Front Line Assembly

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