Holiday Blues
December 12, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Holiday Blues
We shook off the holiday blues by attempting to play some upbeat tunes. We also played some new (and kinda depressing) tunes by Flevans, Oxyjane, Beak> (not a typo), False Flag, Quist, and Caustic Casanova. We also played some comedy by the hella talented Pablo Francisco. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:02pm: The Time Of The Season by The Zombies

4:05pm: The World is a Ghetto by George Benson

4:16pm: Sound Chaser by Yes

4:25pm: The Brazilian by Beak>

4:29pm: This Troubled Earth by Flevans

4:32pm: When The World Is Running Down by The Police

4:37pm: No by Chuck D

4:41pm: Seminar by Sir Mix-A-Lot

4:45pm: Beef by Nas

4:48pm: Close Edge by Mos Def

4:52pm: My Favorite Things by John Coltrane

5:05pm: Mele Kalikimaka by Annette White

5:08pm: Silent Night by Annette White

5:14pm: Punk's Not Dead by The Exploited

5:15pm: Slaves To Chaos by False Flag

5:17pm: The Explorer by D.R.I.

5:19pm: The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden

5:24pm: The Letter by The Box Tops

5:26pm: Something For Nothing by Rush

5:33pm: Mexican Women by Pablo Francisco

5:35pm: Telemundo by Pablo Francisco

5:40pm: Movie Previews by Pablo Francisco

5:43pm: Morning Coffee by Quist

5:45pm: I Thought I Was Dead by Oxyjane

5:49pm: Trance Du Jour by John Scofield

5:53pm: Red Giant by Fire Down Below

5:55pm: Shrouded Coconut by Caustic Casanova

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