Ecstatic Music from the Future to the Pasture
December 29, 2022 6:00pm


All Hex Broken Loose
Barney Wilen - Moshi (Moshi LP 1972 / 2017 SouffleContinu)
Max Roach & Archie Shepp - La Preparation (Sweet Mao Suid Afrika 76)
Henri Foures Et Luc Ferrari - Intervista No 1 (Folclore Imaginari 1980 LP Ventadorn)
Dylan Ettinger - The Waterfront (New Age Outlaws LP 2010)
Tresa Leigh - Until Then (Ghost Riders LP)
The Parasites of the Western World - Flying (Parasites of the Western World LP)
The Newports - Feeling Low (Ghost Riders LP)
Los Pajaros - Los Pajaros (Kissing Spell LP)
Marcos Valle - Tui Ba La Quieba (Previsao Do Tempo LP)
The Upsetters - Outer Space (Scratch the Upsetter Again LP)
Franck Valmont - Roche Anglais (Et Synchro Rhytmic Eclectic Language)
Barney Wilen - Poissons (Zodiac)
Popatoriet - Dunkersgruppen (Fralst: A Selection of Swedish Christian Grooves)
Tom Ze - Complexo de Epico (Tres Selos LP)
Sydney Sager - Children of the Stones (excerpts from Trunk Records LP 2022)
Spectrum - My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile (How You Satisfy Me 12" LP)
The Paragons - The Tide is High (The Paragons Trojan LP)
Bruce Lacey - Music from the Film Double Exposure) (The Space Bruce Lacey Vol. 1 LP)
The Deviants - Death of a Dream Machine (The Deviants LP)

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