February 6, 2023 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
10:11pm: Spiritual by Tom Verlaine from live at Bowery Ballroom NYC 2009
10:27pm: by Television from Marquee Moon SIDE A
10:59pm: Sprout Wings and Fly by Tommy Jerell from from the film
11:02pm: Dink's Song by Dave Van Ronk
11:05pm: If only I could fly by Blaze Foley
11:11pm: Black color of my true loves hair by Patty Waters
11:25pm: Satisfaction by Television from The Blow-Up
11:31pm: Satisfaction by Devo from we are not men....
11:34pm: Knocking on heavens door by Televison from The Blow-Up
11:42pm: Knocking on heavens door by Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review from 1975
11:47pm: Sweet Nothing by Sonics Rendezvous Band
11:53pm: Sonic Reducer by Rocket from the tombs from the day the earth met...

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