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Episode #074: Highways
February 8, 2023 10:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #074: Highways
This set is for you motor heads out there. For those who crave the open road.

Set List

1. Highway Star by Deep Purple from Machine Head (1972)
2. To Be Alive and in a Convertible by John Lurie from the Get Shorty Soundtrack (1995)
3. Roll on Down the Highway by Bachman-Turner Overdrive from Not Fragile (1974)
4. Bad Motor Scooter by Montrose from Montrose (1973)
5. I’m in Love with My Car by Queen from A Night at the Opera (1975)
6. Jerry Was a Racecar Driver by Primus from Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991)
7. Driven by Rush from Test for Echo (1996)
8. Cars Trucks Buses by Phish from Billy Breathes (1996)
9. Radar Rider by Riggs from the Heavy Metal Soundtrack (1981)
10. Three Car Jam by the Minutemen from Double Nickels on the Dime (1984)
11. Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry from Psalm 69: A Way to Succeed, and a Way to Suck Eggs (1992)
12. Motorbreath by Metallica from Kill ‘Em All (1983)
13. Motorhead by Motorhead from No Remorse (1984)
14. Dub Driving by Angelo Badalamenti from the Lost Highway Soundtrack (1997)
15. I Am the Highway by Audioslave from Audioslave (2002)
16. Low Rider by War from Why Can’t We Be Friends (1975)
17. Rockin’ Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers from Toulouse Street (1972)
18. Queen of the Highway by The Doors from Morrison Hotel (1970)
19. Keep Your Motor Running by Dave Hole from Alligator Records 25th Anniversary Collection (1996)
20. Beat Box Car by Adrian Belew from Side Three (2006)
21. Car Thief by the Beastie Boys from Paul’s Boutique (1989)
22. Ghostrider by the Rollins Band from the Crow Soundtrack (1995)
23. Travel Tunes by the Dixie Dregs from What If (1978)
24. Highway to Hell by AC/DC from Highway to Hell (1979)
25. Car Chase City by Tenacious D from the Pick of Destiney (2006)
26. Driving at Night by Joe Satriani from Not of this World (1986)
27. Black Sunshine by White Zombie featuring Iggy Pop from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 (1992)
28. Highway Song by System of a Down from Steal This Album (2002)
29. Motorcycle Ride by Rancid from Let’s Go (1994)
30. Race Car Ya-Ya’s by Cake from Fashion Nugget (1996)
31. Cosmic Highway by Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade from Purple Onion (2002)
32. Drive by Gary Hoey from Animal Instinct (1993)
33. Red Barchetta by Rush from Moving Pictures (1981)
34. “Is This Vehicle Safe for Highway Travel?” Scene from Trains, Planes and Automobiles featuring John Candy and Michael McKean (1987)

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