February 13, 2023 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
10:06pm: Lonely Avenue by Medeski Martin and Wood from live at Liberty Lunch Austin TX 1996
10:32pm: Brown Rice by Don Cherry from Brown Rice
10:33pm: Lonely Woman by Patty Waters with the Marzette Watts ensemble
10:39pm: Take the A Train (santa cruz 1987) by Sun Ra from Elingtonia Vol 2
10:46pm: Sloopp john B isolated vocal tracks by Beach Boys from Pet sounds
10:49pm: Beat it by Isolated guitar tracks
10:53pm: Octopuss Garden by isolated vocal track
10:55pm: Turn it on again by Genesis from isolated vocal track
1:23pm: ..... by ..... from .....
11:24pm: Ozone by Ace Frehley from kiss ace record

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