I'd Gladly Pay You Tuesday For Soul Ska Tickets Today!
February 20, 2023 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
I'd Gladly Pay You Tuesday For Soul Ska Tickets Today!
Congrats to Wendy for winning tickets to Soul Ska, March 10th at The Chapel in SF! Otherwise, this is a fun show. Thanks for listening!

4:03pm: Modern Love by David Bowie

4:07pm: Black Out Days by Phantogram

4:11pm: Thunderstorms and Earthquakes by Thee Illusions

4:20pm: Toca La Campana by El Combo Batanga

4:20pm: La Media Naranja by Gabriele Deiana, Frederlyn Mayora

4:24pm: Mi Libertad by David Zahan

4:31pm: I Get Physical by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

4:35pm: N.Y. State Of Mind by Nas

4:40pm: So Fresh So Clean by Outkast

4:47pm: Farewell, Mother by Doug Stanhope

5:00pm: Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

5:03pm: Dragon Attack by Queen

5:12pm: Propaganda by Soul Ska

5:15pm: Ma and Pa by Fishbone

5:18pm: Rock Fort Rock by The Skatelites

5:25pm: Date Rape by Fishbone

5:31pm: Steve's Boogie by Eric Johnson

5:32pm: Trademark by Eric Johnson

5:37pm: Camel's Night Out by Eric Johnson

5:45pm: Lost Cause by Eric Krasnos, Stanton Moore

5:49pm: Soul Trip by Malcolm Strahan

5:54pm: Threw An Apple by Jive n Direct

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