April 3, 2023 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
10:27pm: Beyond All Limits The Gates of Delirium by YES from Relayer
10:28pm: Lebert Aaly by Art Ensemble of Chicago
10:28pm: The Gates of Delirium by Yes from Relayer
10:58pm: Rock song #! by Fuckwolf from goodbye, asshole
11:01pm: Southside Shuffle by J Geils Band
11:04pm: Equator by Sparks from Kimono my house
11:09pm: remake/remodel by Roxy Music from BBC Sessions
11:14pm: Watts stax the power by Get Hussle from live at the little fawn
11:19pm: goin insane by Numbers from split cd with Erase Errata
11:34pm: I aint got no home by Woody Guthrie
11:41pm: Naked lunch part 1/3 by William Burrows
11:42pm: Naked lunch part 1/3 by William Burroughs
11:52pm: howl by Allen Ginsberg from live reading

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