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Volume #002: Elemental Primal
April 12, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Volume #002: Elemental Primal
Since the dawn of time mankind has sought to the sky to seek truth to satiate the fear of the elements surrounding them and make sense of it all. The savage medulla oblongata driving their reptilian brains to seek a fear inoculum. Uses the sun, the comets, the stars to create gods and omens to guide them. This show is a series of songs that touch on that primal urge for understanding.

Set List:
1. My God is the Sun by Queens of the Stone Age from ….Like Clockwork *2013*
2. Space Diary 1 by Brian Eno and Jah Wobble from Spinner *1995*
3. We Came from Space by We Came From Space from While You Were Away *2018*
4. Moon Above, Sun Below by Opeth from Pale Communion *2014*
5. Quasar by the Smashing Pumpkins from Oceania *2012*
6. Ebb & Flow by The Contortionist from Language *2014*
7. Solaris by Ulver from Atgclvlsscap *2016*
8. Fear Inoculum by Tool from Fear Inoculum *2019*
9. Absolomb by Periphery from Periphery III: Select Difficulty *2016*
10. Space Dementia by Muse from Origin of Symmetry *2001*
11. A Familiar Taste by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from the Soundtrack to The Social Network *2010*
12. Resident Human by Wheel from Resident Human *2021*
13. Dune Eternal by Heaven Pierce Her from ULTRAKILL: IMPERFECT HATRED *2022*
14. Ellipsis by Monkey3 from Sphere *2019*
15. Pagan by Porcupine Tree from Signify *1996*
16. The Antagonist by Hypnos 69 from The Eclectic Measure *2006*
17. Cobwebs by Votum from Harvet Moon *2013*
18. Moon Heart Sun Head by Cynic from Kindly Bent to Free Us *2014*
19. Circles on the Water by Lord of Mushrooms from Perspectives *2012*
20. (Serpens Caput) by Agalloch from The Serpent and the Sphere *2014*
21. This Emptiness by Gojira from L’enfant Sauvage *2012*

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