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Episode #086: Tributes and Introductions
May 6, 2023 8:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #086: Tributes and Introductions
We say goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot. Thank you to all the great musicians who have supported Radio Valencia in our fundraising efforts, including full live performances from Mia d'Bruzzi and the Titan Ups from our April 30th event. Plus lots of other great music from local artists. Support Local Radio. Support Local Artist. Listen to this show.

Set List
1. Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot from Sundown *1974*
2. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald from Summertime Dream *1976*
3. Act II of Nancy Luna by Nubdug Ensemble from Vol. 1: Machines of Zeno *2020*
4. Songbirds by Floratura from Live 10.1.2022 in Santa Cruz, CA *2022*
5. Big, Bad, Beautiful World by The Seagulls from This Time Next Year *2023*
6. Bigger Piece of You by the Eric McFadden Trio from Delicate Thing *2009*
7. Zero Point by KnightressM1 from Dream and Devastation *2020*
8. Out the Door by Oddity from Oddisea, Pt 1 *2022*
9. Elephant Parade by Sun Hop Fat from Elephant Parade *2018*
10. The Only Dance by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum from In Glorious Times *2007*
11. I’ve Tripped Harder by Star Decay from I’ve Tripped Harder *2022*
12. Adventures with My Trusty Steed by Friday Night Nutz from Friday Night Nutz *2022*
13. Crazy World by Frightwig from Hit Return EP *2013*
14. Wake Up and Burn by Dizzy Twin from Kaleidoscope *2016*

15. Mia d’Bruzzi live from the Make Out Room April 30. 2023 Radio Valencia Fundraiser. Full Set

16. Dinky Planet by Isobar from Isobar *2020*
17. JP Aerospace by Space Vacuum (from Outer Space) from New Album from Outer Space *2012*
18. Hypmotized by The Rockin’ Chair! from Trapped Like a Trap in a Trap *2006*
19. Do You Believe in God? By Fungo Mungo from Humungous *1992*
20. Nasa by M.I.R.V. from Dancing Naked in the Mindfield *2000*
21. Weasel Potpie by That One Guy from Songs in the Key of Beotch *2004*
22. Roland Alphonzo’s Dub by Skankin’ Pickle from Skankin’ Pickle Fever *1997*

23. The Titan Ups Live from the Make Out Room April 30, 2023 Radio Valencia Fundraiser, Full Set

24. Sugar Tank by Frequency Collective from Frequency Collective Vol. 1 *2020*
25. Snakes in Her Hair by The Slow Poisoner from Lost Hills *2011*
26. If I Needed Someone by The Hot Club of San Francisco from John, Paul, George and Django *2016*
27. Calaveras by Violet Basso from Calaveras *2023*
28. In the Dead of Night by Rabbit Rabbit from Rabbit Rabbit Radio Vol. 1 *2013*
29. Overthinkers by Water Color Weekend from Water Color Weekend *2018*
30. Attack Pattern by Scar Tissue from Obscurity *2010*
31. Vedic Soma by Illogistical Resource Dept. from Catharsis *2013*
32. Tru Dat by The Suspects of Soul from Suspicious Characters *2017*
33. FU Xi by Thee Oh Sees from Face Stabber *2019*
34. Blaomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp *2022*
35. Extinction Burst by Primus from Green Naugahyde *2011*

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