May 15, 2023 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
10:05pm: I hated the day I was born by John Lee Hooker
10:23pm: its a sin to be rich it's a low down shame to be poor by Lightnin Hopkins
10:29pm: Bring me my shotgun by Lightnin Hopkins
10:33pm: Spout wings and fly by Tommy Jerrel
10:36pm: Dust my blues by Elmore james
10:37pm: Cry baby by Janis Joplin from Pearl
10:39pm: Message of love by Jimi Hendrix from Band of Gypsys
11:08pm: When I paint my masterpiece by Bob Dylan from rolling thunder review live
11:12pm: Dusky Stevedore by Lu Waters Yerba Buena Jazz Band
11:13pm: A quick one by The Who from The kids are alright
11:53pm: Rubber Bisciut by Blues Brothers from Breifcase full of blues
11:54pm: Shafts Theme by Shaft OST

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