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Vol #008: Ne Obiliscaris Exul: Alchemical album review with special guest DJ Deathwish
May 24, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Vol #008: Ne Obiliscaris Exul: Alchemical album review with special guest DJ Deathwish
This was a very fun experience with DJ Deatwish as my cohort in this first ever Alchemical Album Review featuring the Progressive Death Metal Band Ne Obliviscaris and their newest album Exul which was written and conceived pre-pandemic. The recordings began in February of 2020 and before they could be completed, band members became stranded abroad and thus delayed completion and ultimately, the release just arrived a few weeks ago.

I hope you enjoy the review, but mostly I hope you enjoy the music from this incredible band. If you find yourself so enamored, they are coming to play live in the bay area on Oct. 22, 2023 @ the DNA Lounge.

We do also want to pay tribute to the late Tina Turner who just passed today @ the age of 83. She was a true rocker, the gypsy, The Acid Queen, a survivor and a hero and an inspiration to many, and she will be missed. Our set ends with a great 10 minute live track from her.

Album Tracks (Exul-Release March 24, 2023 by Season of Mist Records)
1. Equus 12:13
2. Misericorde I - As the Flesh Falls 7:33
3. Misericorde II - Anatomy of Quiescence 9:22
4. Suspyre 10:09
5. Graal 8:53
6. Anhedonia (Instrumental) 3:43

Background music throughout the show.
Im Morgengrauen by Elder from The Gold and Silver Sessions *2019*
Gemini's Decent by Trioscapes from Seperate Realities *2012*
Leonessa by Arch Echo from Story I *2020*
D-Day Drone by Ulver from Atgclvlsscap *2016*
Moon Loop (Improvisation) by Porcupine Tree from the Sky Moves Sideways *1995*
Truth is Alien by Aghora from Entheogenic Frequencies *2019*
Telemetric Sounds by The Heliocentrics from Telemetric Sounds *2020*
Thoughts and Prayers by Animals as Leaders from Parrhesia *2022*
Textures by Cynic from Focus *1993*

Street guests: Elmo and Franchessca

Final Track: Tina Turner's Live Cover of Bob Seager's song Hollywood Nights courtesy of YouTube. RIP Tina. We'll miss you.

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