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Episode #091: The International Rabbit Hole Network with Starbuck
June 17, 2023 8:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #091: The International Rabbit Hole Network with Starbuck
It was great fun to bounce ideas with Starbuck. I am a big fan of her show Music Without Borders, and tonight we got a chance to chart a network of rabbit holes around the world for you all to enjoy and explore. I'm sure we'll revisit this in the future. This will have to be enough for now. This ran about 3 hours or so.

Enjoy irresponsibly.

1. White Rabbit-Mayssa Karaa,
2. One Step Beyond-Prince Buster,
3. Feeling Happy-Cyril Diaz and his Orchestra,
4. Eska Dance-Mulatu Estake & The Heliocentrics,
5. Run to Your Mamma-Goat,
6. Guided by Angels-Amyl and the Sniffers,
7. Un Dia Punk-Juana Molina,
8. Taxi Dancer-Dengue Fever,
9. Atari-Hiatus Kaiyote,
10. Summon The Fire-The Comet is Coming,
11. Kala-Mbongwana Star,
12. Vitamin C-Can,
13. Cheval-Igorrr,
14. Bella Ciou-Ed Cox,
15. Hit Em Up Style-Carolina Chocolate Drops,
16. Ore d’amore-Mike Patton,
17. L’adesso-ArcaMiri,
18. Cale Bari-Ojos de Burjo,
19. Hit-Sugarcubes,
20. Letter-Dizzy Mystics,
21. Out of the Way-Light,
22. Juego de Seduccion-Soda Stereo,
23. Guajara Sicodelica-Los Destellos,
24. Ombele (Makossa)-Karl Hector and the Malcouns,
25. Space Funk-Karaba,
26. Mais Um-Souleance,
27. Na Kozanga- Jupiter Okwess,
28. Maheyeni Maheyeni-Cheikha Rimitti,
29. Ambient Pedals-The Bob Lazar Story,
30. You Could Be More As You Are-Saada Bonaire,
31. Fold the Cloth-Cate Lebon,
32. Attention Please-Boris,
33. Holy Ghost-Bent Knee,
34. Argos Farfish-Shahabil Ahmed,
35. Viva Nigeria-Fela Kuti,
36. Blood on a Tightrope-Lunatic Soul,
37. Carabouse-Univers Zero,
38. Sangara-World Saxaphone Quartet,
39. Antetonkel-Sproingg,
40. Mysterious Planet-The Natural Yogurt Band,
41. Requiem for a Goodbye-Myrath

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