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Episode #093: Sanctum of the Inner Eye
July 8, 2023 8:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #093: Sanctum of the Inner Eye
Welcome to the Sanctum of the Inner Eye. Explore this visionary music for the next four hours and melt.

Set List:

1. The National Anthem by Radiohead from Kid A *2000*
2. Assault on East Falls/Pale Sun by Baroness from Gold and Grey *2019*
3. Lavender Blues by Big Scenic Nowhere from Lavender Blues *2020*
4. Rob's Dream by All Them Witches from ATW *2018*
5. Falcon Machine by Automation from Immersion *2020*
6. Terminal by OSI from Blood *2009*
7. So Many Ways by Morphine from The Night *2000*
8. Come Crimson Death by Jess and the Ancient Ones from Jess and the Ancient Ones *2016*
9. Creature Lives by Mastodon from The Hunter *2011*
10. Under the Fragmented Sky by Lunatic Soul from Under the Fragmented Sky *2018*
11. Even Less by Porcupine Tree from Recordings *2001*
12. Second Birth by Samsara Blues Experiment from End of Forever *2021*
13. Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd from Ummagumma *1969*
14. Child in Time by Deep Purple from Deep Purple In Rock *1970*
15. Realms of Light by Monkey3 from Astra Symmetry *2016*
16. Starting to Be Parallel by Moderns Sons from Moon Raccoon *2015*
17. Shaman by The Re-Stoned from Orange Session *2022*
18. Nice to Know by Chroma Key from You Go Now *2000*
19. All Traps on Earth by All Traps on Earth from All Traps on Earth *2018*
20. Infinite Rise by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from Quarters *2015*
21. Psychedelic Rhino by John Medeski's Mad Skillet from Mad Skillet *2018*
22. The Great Work by Hypnos 69 from Legacy *2010*
23. Bloody Oil by Medeski, Martin & Wood from End of the World Party (Just in Case) *2004*
24. Ronde by Univers Zero from Universe Zero *1977*
25. The Mystery of Two by Sun Ra from The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums Part 1: Cymbals *1973*
26. Stuck Im Wok by Karaba from All High Ways *2023*
27. Left Out by Riverside from Anno Domini High Definition *2009*

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