Feed your inner monster.
Vol #014: File Number156; Area X-48 Unredacted
July 19, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Vol #014: File Number156; Area X-48 Unredacted
Unearthing some beastly bones and discovering new secrets.

Set List

1. Dark Lady by Uli Jon Roth from Scorpions Revisited *2015*
2. Driving at Night by Joe Satriani from Not of this Earth *1986*
3. AM War by Karnivool from Asymmetry *2013*
4. Running Low by Leprous from Aphelion *2021*
5. Cirice by Ghost from Meloria *2015*
6. This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed by The Mars Volta from De-Loused in a Comatorium *2003*
7. Axis by Monnkey3 from Sphere *2019*
8. Down the Road by O.R.k. from Ramagehead *2019*
9. Gurzle by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets from High Visceral Pt. 2 *2017*
10. What the Peephole Say by Queens of the Stone Age from In New Time Roman *2023*
11. Dethroning the Party Queen by Rosalie Cunningham from Rosalie Cunningham *2019*
12. Vermillioncore by Steven Wilson from 4-1/2 *2016*
13. Monstrocity by Victims Family from Apocalicious *2001*
14. Ghostrider by Rolling Band from The Crow Soundtrack *1995*
15. Until it Unwinds by All Them Witches from Our Mother Electricity *2012*
16. Cold: Blooded Angels by Baroness from Gold & Grey *2019*
17. You Could Laugh Forever by Cloudkicker from Subsume *2013*
18. Disremembered by The Mercury Tree from Spidermilk *2019*
19. Smallpox Champion by Fugazi from In on the Kill Taker *1993*
20. Always by Masters of Reality from Pine/Cross Dover *2009*
21. Running Free by Iron Maiden from Iron Maiden *1980*
22. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll by Judas Priest from Defenders of the Faith *1984*
23. Osmosis by Liquid Tension Experiment from Liquid Tension Experiment 1 *1998*
24. Mechanical Mind by Voivod from Target Earth *2013*

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