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Vol #016: The Pictures of Dorian Gray
August 2, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Vol #016: The Pictures of Dorian Gray
In Volume #16, we contemplate existence where the consequences of our actions is deferred onto an inanimate object. The Portrait of Dorian Gray is a classic gothic novel written by Oscar Wylde and published in 1891. At the time it was not met with much fanfare, in fact, more with ill repute. It has since become one of the great tragic gothic novels of all time, one who's mark still echoes resoundingly in today's pop culture. You see it primarily in the behavior of actors and pop stars. Narcissism and exploitation of those around them and an expectation that the consequences of their actions will not come home to roost.
This is a musical expose that tours that subject matter and provides a great soundtrack for this evening's show.

Set List

1. Oscillation by Soen from Cognitive *2011*
2. The Way Out is Through/Into The Void by Nine Inch Nails from The Fragile *1999*
3. Beneath the Rose by Baroness from Stone *2023*
4. Togremeias by Illogistical Resource Dept. *2020*
5. I'm Deranged by David Bowie from Outside *1995*
6. The Spirits that Lend Strength Are Invisible by Ulver from Atgclvlsscap *2016*
7. This Visual Hex by Vulkan from Technatura *2020*
8. Egoist Hedonist by Riverside from Anno Domini High Definition *2009*
9. Boreal by The Ocean from Holocene *2023*
10. How Could I? by Cynic from Focus *1993*
11. 25 Ghosts III by Nine Inch Nails from Ghosts I-IV *2008*
12. Reflection by Tool from Lateralus *2001*
13. Chimera's Wreck by Porcupine Tree from Closue/Continuation *2022*
14. The Price by Leprous from The Congregation *2015*
15. Parallel Trance by The Contortionist from Intrinsic *2012*
16. Misericorde Parts 1: As the Flesh Falls/Mesericorde Part 2: Anatomy of Quiescence by Ne Obliviscaris from Exul *2023*
17. I Stay Away by Alice in Chains from Jar of Flies *1993*
18. Fallen Angel (An Adaptation of Bach: BWV 639) by Heaven Pierce Her from Ultrakill: Imperfect Hatred *2022*
19. The Funeral Portrait by Opeth from Blackwater Park *2001*
20. Message from Self-Destructing Turnip by Porcupine Tree from On The Sunday of Life *1991*

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