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Episode #100 Celebration of the Milestone
September 23, 2023 6:00pm


Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour
Episode #100 Celebration of the Milestone
This is six hour episode celebration marking the 100th episode of The Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour. Full of great music and special guest appearances. Please plug in and enjoy.

Track list:

1. Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck from Time Signatures: A Career Retrospective *1992*
2. Congo Man by Ernest Ranglin from Below the Bassline *1996*
3. You're My Drug by the Dukes of Stratosphere from Chips from the Chocolate Fireball *1987*
4. Tom Cat by Muddy Waters from Electric Mud *1968*
5. Onward by Sun Ra from Interstellar Low Ways *2014*
6. Fat Mama by Herbie Hancock from Fat Albert Rotunda *1969*
7. Burnin' Coal by Les McCann from Much Les *1969*
8. Cranium by Slothrust from Parallel Timeline *2021*
9. This Magic Moment by Lou Reed from the Lost Highway Soundtrack *1995*
10. A Few Words from the Bride by Uma Thurman from Kill Bill Vol. 2 Soundtrack *2004*
11. Goodnight Moon by Shivaree from the Kill Bill Vol. 2 Soundtrack *1999*
12. Go to Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) by Radiohead from Hail to the Thief *2003*
13. Absinthe Jim and Me by Masters of Reality from Pine/Cross Dover *2009*
14. Polarity Integrate by KnightressM1 from Dreams and Devastation *2020*
15. Slinky/Holy Water by the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets from Night Gnomes *2022*
16. King of Fools by Gas Hound from King of Foots *2023*
Benjamin J. Davidow of Gas Hound. Mammabear, Black Cat Rising, Menzia, and Buzzards of Fuzz with Brian Lunas and Isaac London (Menzia).
17. 9mm by Gas Hound from Knife/9mm *2022*
18. Knife-Live from Samson Saturdays by Gas Hound Knife/9mm *2022*
19. Seeds by Monkey3 from Astra Symmetry *2016*
20. Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) by The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Electric Ladyland *1968*
21. Lust for Life by Iggy Pop from the Trainspotting Soundtrack *1977*
22. Old Marcus Garvey by Burning Spear from Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology *1990*
23. Fu Man Chu by Desmond Dekker and the Aces from Action! *1967*
24. Lonely Woman by Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, & Geri Allen from Etudes *1988*
25. Supercell by Aesop Rock from The Impossible Kid *2016*
26. Earth People by Dr. Octagon from Dr. Octagonecologyst *1996*
27. Dance with the Devil by The Natural Yogurt Band from Dance the Devil Away *2022*
28. Addis Ababa by The Skatalites from Foundation Ska *1996*
29. Night Train by Jimmy Forest from Roots of Rhythm After Hours *1951*
30. Hey You by Bachman Turner Overdrive from BTO's Greatest Hits *1996*
31. The Weight by The Band from Music from the Big Pink *1968*
32. San Franciscan Nights by Eric Burdon and the Animals from The Animals Greatest Hits *1969*
33. I Left My Heart in San Francsico by Tony Bennet from I Left My Heart in San Francisco *1962*
34. Can't Be Still by Booker T and the MG's from the Get Shorty Soundtrack *1995*
35. I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing by Funkadelic from Finest *1997*
36. She's So Borg by Fatso Jetson from Toasted! *2001*
37. This Ain't No Picnic by the Minutemen from Double Nickels on a Dime *1984*
38. Green, Green Rocky Road by Les McCann Talkin' Verse *1998*
39. Rehab Doll by Green River from Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll *1990*
40. Punks by The Gaslamp Killer and The Heliocentrics from 12 Songs *2023*
41. Know You Better by the Black Pumas from Black Pumas *2019*
42. Up from the South by The Budos Band from The Budos Band *2005*
43. What is Love? by Frightwig from We Need to Talk *2023*
44. Flowers in the Attic Musings and Tàu vũ trụ lang thang và pho Improv: Deathwish and the Alchemist: (Synth, Guitar and Drums by Steven Watkins) 2017/2023
45. Bye Bye Bad Man by the Stone Roses from The Stone Roses *1989*
46. Bees by Ty Segall from Melted *2010*
47. Reel by Reel by XTC from Drums and Wires *1979*
48. Bad Time for Bonzo by The Damned from Black is the Night: Definite Collection *2019*
49. Oh, Girl by Eagles of Death Metal from Zipper Down *2015*
50. Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple from Tidal *1996*
51. Sly by Herbie Hancock from Headhunters *1973*
55. Junco Partner by James Booker from Junco Partner *1976*
56. Cardova by The Meters from The Meters *1969*
57. Orbit Autounfall by Karaba from Orbit Autounfall *2023*
58. Talkin' Blues by the Charlie Hunter Quartet from Natty Dread *1997*
59. Root Down (and Get It) by Jimmy Smith from Root Down *1972*
60. Cumberland Blues by Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band *2016*
61. Eighties by Killing Joke from Night Time *2008*
62. Security by Amyl and the Sniffers from Comfort to Me *2021*
63. Cracker Island by Gorillaz with Thundercat from Cracker Island *2023*
64. Mean Green by Snarky Puppy from Empire Central *2022*
65. Everyday I have the Blues by Van Morrison and Joey Defrancesco from You're Driving Me Crazy *2018*
66. North Carolina by Robben Ford from The Inside Story *1979*
67. Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith from Wave *1979*
68. Don't Say No by Can from Saw Delight *1977*
69. Cities by The Talking Heads from Fear of Music *1979*
70. Bhindi Bhagee by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros from Global A Go-Go *2001*
71. Semi Multicolored Caucasian by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band from Ice Cream for Crow *1982*
72. Lazy Bones by Witch from Witch: We Intend to Cause Havoc! *2011*
73. Everything That Happens by Brain Eno and David Byrne from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today *2008*
74. Barracuda by John Cale from Fear *1974*
75. Diarabi by Goat from World Music *2012*
76. Sunday Afternoon Day Drinking by The Seagulls from This Time Next Year *2023*
77. Dark Roads (Take 4) by Floyd Jones from Masters of Modern Blues *1994*
78. One of These Days by Ten Years After from A Space in Time (Remastered) *2018*
79. Tiny Pyramids by Sun Ra from Angels and Demons at Play/The Nubians of Plutonia *1963*
80. Three of a Perfect Pair by King Crimson from Three of a Perfect Pair *1984*
81. Perfect Day by Lou Reed from the Trainspotting Soundtrack *1972*
82. The Wind That Shakes the Barley by Dead Can Dance from Into the Labyrinth *1993*
83. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) by Tom Waits from Small Change *1976*

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