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The Curated Catastrophe - You Got Some Gratitude
November 26, 2023 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - You Got Some Gratitude
Shey and Malderor tackled the topic of gratitude, given that it's Thanksgiving week and all. There's also some talk about mental health and other touchy-feely bullsh...Give the podcast a spin!

2:01pm: Food Songs Compilation

2:02pm: Can’t Eat Clout by La Doña

2:06pm: Intro by Richard Cheese

2:07pm: No Shelter by Rage Against the Machine

2:10pm: Turntables by Janelle Monae

2:24pm: Gratitude by Killing Joke

2:29pm: Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) by Sly And The Family Stone

2:33pm: Fall Back Down by Rancid

2:37pm: PSA by Be A Man Guy

2:49pm: Sit Down by James

2:52pm: PSA by Be A Man Guy

2:52pm: I need Therapy 2.4 by Jacoténe

2:54pm: PSA by Be A Man Guy

2:54pm: 100% Endurance by Yard Act with Elton John

3:04pm: Thank You by The Descendents

3:06pm: Give Thanks And Praises by Bob Marley and The Wailers

3:09pm: Thanks For The Night by The Damned

3:23pm: Praise You by Fatboy Slim

3:26pm: End of the Road by Noga Erez

3:30pm: Simple Things by Zero 7 with Mozez

3:43pm: Gratitude by The Beastie Boys

3:46pm: Deep Fried Pumpkin Through A Gravy Tube by The Punk Group

3:47pm: Dear Fans Of The Stereo by The Stereo

3:48pm: Thanks For Nothing by Sum 41

3:58pm: Thanks, Bastards! by Mischief Brew

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