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The Curate Catastrophe - A Return, Of Sorts (long)
January 7, 2024 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curate Catastrophe - A Return, Of Sorts (long)
We're running out of ways to say, "this episode was all over the place," so let's just go with "this was freeform radio at its best!" Or something. Shey brought in some newly released songs, some NPR Tiny Desk hoo-hah, and some French hip-hop. Malderor arrive with some new Rancid covers, dub poetry, and Japanese reggae, along with some Scott Walker. And then things got weird(er). Shey had assembled a "sound collage" to test out a friend's sound system, so we listened to a long-form multi-layered thing that turned out to be pretty interesting, and Malderor played a historically significant extended funk jam. So, yeah, even by the standards of the Curated Catastrophe, this one was all over the map, Give it a download and tell us what you think!

2:01pm: I'm Gonna Live Till I Die by Frank Sinatra

2:02pm: Opening Credits by Richard Cheese

2:05pm: Master Power by Jon Batiste

2:09pm: On My Block (Dec 18 NPR Tiny Desk) by Scarface

2:20pm: Trouble by Pink (feat Tim Armstrong)

2:22pm: Fall Back Down by Not Quite Dead Yet with Scott Doonican

2:26pm: Life Won't Wait by The Phenomenauts

2:28pm: I Wanna Riot by Authority Zero

2:41pm: Sheared (Pinking Shears) by Mandy, Indiana and clipping

2:43pm: Fils di Joie by Stromae

2:49pm: After Me by Kashius Colepepper

2:58pm: The Rope and The Colt by Scott Walker

3:01pm: Dis Police Man Keeps On Keeping Me To Death by Benjamin Zephania

3:07pm: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Park Rangers/Inokashira Rangers

3:16pm: When You Feel It Grunt If You Can by The J.B.s

3:46pm: Sound Collage by Shey from the Bay

3:59pm: Psychosis by Symbiosis

4:10pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:13pm: return to normal schedule.

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