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The Curated Catastrophe - Fake Casey Kasem and the Pre-Rock Era
April 21, 2024 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - Fake Casey Kasem and the Pre-Rock Era
Malderor finds a random mix-tape (a literal cassette tape) compiled by the sadly departed co-singer of rocksteady greats Hepcat, Greg Lee. It's a bunch of cool tunes from the pre-rock era, which confuses Shey From The Bay slightly, until she got an AI version of Casey Kasem to explain the nuances of the pre-rock era for her and the listeners. Whatever, this episode is weird as hell, focusing on music from before some dude named Elvis Presley hit it big, while also leaning heavily on Artificial Intelligence to explain it all. So, um, give it a download. It totally worked, give or take some jiggling-of-the-wires.

2:04pm: Big Brown Eyes by Lola Young

2:08pm: Opening Theme by Richard Cheese

2:09pm: Intro by Fake Casey Kasem

2:10pm: Jam from The Wheeltappers by Winifred Atwell at Shunters Social Club

2:14pm: Bonnie and Clyde by Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg

2:26pm: Dance Wid' Me by Hepcat

2:31pm: Tico Tico by Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra

2:32pm: Fire Down Below by Lola Dee

2:34pm: Run Joe by Louis Jordan

2:44pm: Limelight by Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra, together with Excerpts from “When pre-rock ruled the world” The Guardian Article. by Fake Casey Kasem

2:45pm: Dribcot Space Boat by Joe Meek

2:48pm: Interview with Joe Meek

2:49pm: Angela Jones by Michael Cox

2:51pm: Interview with Joe Meek

2:51pm: The Bulblight by Joe Meek

2:58pm: Telstar by The Tornados

3:00pm: Penny Reel by Percy Dixon

3:03pm: Big Bamboo by Lord Creator

3:12pm: No Place Like Home/Ad-Libbing Live by Les Paul and Mary Ford

3:16pm: Strange things Happening Every Day by Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1942)

3:19pm: Down the Road Apiece by Will Bradley Trio 1940

3:22pm: Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt with Stéphane Grapelli 1937

3:32pm: Roast of the Curated Catastrophe by Fake Casey Kasem

3:33pm: I Can't Wait by Hepcat

3:36pm: Harlem Shuffle by Jackie Lee

3:38pm: Psychotic Reaction by Brenton Wood

3:41pm: New York, USA by Serge Gainsbourg and His Orchestra

3:49pm: Got My Mojo Working by Jimmy Smith

3:54pm: Mathar by The Dave Pike Set

3:59pm: In The Groove by The Heptones

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

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