Female-fronted post-punk and weird
RIbbon Around a Bomb Edition 12: Only At Night
July 8, 2012 12:00am


Ribbon Around a Bomb
RIbbon Around a Bomb Edition 12: Only At Night
+x+Ribbon Around a BOMB+x+
Female-fronted punk + post-punk: weird, aggressive, and dark music all made by women.

Midnight-2am every Saturday... so yes, only at night, indeed.

The Chefs- Let's Make Up
Hagar the Womb- Dressed to Kill
Suicide Squad- New Kids Army
XL Capris- My City of Sydney
Kandeggina Gang- Sono Cattiva
UXA- No TIme
Brilliant Colors- Mythic
Sarah Coffman- Retro
Bratmobile- PRDCT
Husbands 'N' Knives- Babalon
Suburban Wives Club- Casual Cat at the Laundromat
Extrem Exem- Eget Live
Genocide Exit- All I Want
A.P.P.L.E.- If In Heaven
Hugh Beaumont Experience- Moo
The Coathangers- Wreckless Boy
Red Aunts- Wreked
Sofa Head- Invitation to Dinner
The Frumpies- Of Ever and Now On
The Bags- Chainsaw
Trummerfrauen- Gelbkreuz
Ciccone Youth- Addicted to Love
Family Fodder- Debbie Harry
The 'B' Girls- Angel Doesn't Shoot a Gun
Destroy All Monsters- The Queen
Cocadictos- Juan Pablo II Y Amigos
Jingo de Lunch- What You See
Gymslips- Don't Lead Me On
Die Monitir Batss- Spread You Legs, Release the Bats
Vice Squad- So What for the '80s
Ama-dots- The Cease is Increase
Plasmatics- Won't You
As Mercenarias- Amor Inimiga
Bow Wow Wow- C30, C60, C90 GO
Las Ultrasonicas- Adicto Del Rock
Chalk Circle- The Slap
The Dishrags- Love is Shit
Essential Logic- Collecting Dust
The Kills- Cat Claw
LiLiput/Kleenex- Krimi
Fastbacks- Only At Night

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