Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 13: S.C.U.M.
July 15, 2012 12:00am


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 13: S.C.U.M.
+x+Ribbon Around a BOMB+x+
Female-fronted punk + post-punk: weird, aggressive, and dark music all made by women.

"Perfect weather for a homicide..."

Delta 5- Colour
S.I.B.- My Secret Life
Chute de Esperma- No Keremos
Avengers- Car Crash
Finally Punk- Jazz Hit
The Casual Dots- E.S.P. for Now
The Ovens- Ladies Room
Sin 34- Children Shall Not Be Heard
7 Year Bitch- 8 Ball Deluxe
Tappi Tikarrass- Skrid
Girls At Our Best!- Politics
45 Grave- Dream Hits II
Chin Chin- Dark Days
Petticoats- No
Joyce Collingwood- Victoria
Frightwig- Hot Papa
Kuolleet Kukat- Vihollinen On Systeemi
The Launderettes- Rebel Love
Au Pairs- Armagh
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Bush Tetras- Dum Dum
Sado-Nation- Mixed Up Messed Up
Vital Disorders- Wargames
Bleached- Think of You
Vacum- Ar Ungdomar Manniskor?
As Mercenarias- Panico
Tragatelo- Resiste la Colonizacion
X-Ray Spex- I Can't Do Anything
Stripsearch- Galileo
Las Ultrasonicas- Gracias Mama
Hagar the Womb- Idolization
Phantom Pregnancies- Generate Sparks
F.U.A.L.- Rest in Pieces
Rogers Sisters- Delayed Reaction
Current Obsessions- Fish
Big in Japan- Society For Cutting Up Men
Shady Hawkins- How Long
Vice Squad- Last Rockers
Nikki and the Corvettes- He's a Mover
Zona- Boule Quies
Whorehouse of Representatives- Blinded By Darkness

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