Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 20: Refusing to Be a Man
October 13, 2012 10:00pm


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 20: Refusing to Be a Man
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Female-fronted punk + post-punk: weird, aggressive, and dark music all made by women.

Despite the fact that DJ Aistray tries to convince listeners to get on the Diva Cup train, this week's show was probably the most dude-centric one we've done. For the first time EVER, Ribbon Around plays a song by an all-male band: Propaghandi's "Refusing to Be a Man." We also talk with not-that-special guests Tod and Juan Rapido. La Lengua drinks per usual.

The Gits- Here's to Your Fuck
Sick Things- Anti-Social Disease
Plan B- NYU
Babes in Toyland- Laredo
Ana Hausen- Professionals
The Slits- Shoplifting
Chalk Circle- Reflection
Bluttat- Flying Into Heaven's Door
The Bags- We Don't Need the English
The Dishrags- I Don't Love You
Plasmatics- Corruption
Eyeliners- Big Scoop
Bizkids- Captivity
Pussy Riot- Putin Has Pissed Himself
Shady Hawkins- Yr Time Is Up
Crass- Darling
Big in Japan- Society for Cutting Up Men
Suburban Lawns- Gidget Goes to Hell
Naked Aggression- Lock Us Away
Whorehouse of Representatives- Society's Trap
The No-Talents- London Bouncers
Lydia Lunch- Atomic Bongos
Mo-Dettes- White Mice
VKTMS- 100% White Girl
Raincoats- Fairytale in the Supermarket
Au Pairs- Monogamy
Las Ultrasonicas- El Rock Nacio Conmigo
Chin Chin- Why Am I So Lonely?
Vital Disorders- Prams
Reversible Cords- Rabble Rouser
Sin 34- Children Shall Not be Heard
Icon AD- Fight For Peace
Vice Squad- It's a Sell Out
SIB- No One Rules
Verdun- Sex Overdose
X- Nausea
Wunderbach- Les Vieux Riches
Finally Punk- Boyfriend Application

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