Temple of Dreams Nine: Illegal Subs
January 19, 2013 4:00pm


Temple of Dreams
Temple of Dreams Nine: Illegal Subs
4:05pm: Blame the Artist by A Guy Called Gerald

4:06pm: Afro Ride by Leftfield from The Afro-Left EP

4:11pm: Open Mind by Orbital from Omen

4:16pm: My C-Lab Crashed and Did This by Shut Up and Dance from Death is Not the End

4:19pm: I'm Free (Long Version) by Soup Dragons from I'm Free

4:27pm: Godess by SoHo from Godess

4:30pm: Oxbow Lakes (Sabres No. I Mix) by The Orb from Oxbow Lakes

4:34pm: Filthy by St. Etienne from Only Love Can Break Your Heart

4:39pm: El Ef Oh1 by LFO from LFO: Frequencies

4:43pm: We are Hardcore by The House Crew from Bass, Breaks & Bleeps Volume 4

4:48pm: Different Strokes by Isotonik from Different Strokes

4:55pm: Span Soundwave by The Shaman from Pro-Gen

5:02pm: Illegal Subs (Krome and Time Remix) by Kaotic Chemistry from 10.02

5:08pm: Bug in the Bassbin (4 Hero Mix) by Innerzone Orchestra from Bug in the Bassbin

5:13pm: Calcium by Yage from Pulse Three

5:18pm: The Vamp (Lenny D & Eric Kupper Mix) by Outlander from Vamp

5:24pm: Hardcore Uproar by Together from Hardcore Uproar

5:30pm: Way in My Brain by SL2 from Djs Take Control

5:35pm: There is No Law by Messiah from There is No Law

5:39pm: Space 3001 (Uk Remix) by Space Opera from Space 3001 Remixes

5:46pm: 39 Hypnotising by 39 Orbits from The Afterlife EP

5:51pm: James Brown is Dead by LA Style from Bass, Breaks & Bleeps Volume 3

5:57pm: Meet Every Situation Head On by Psychic TV from Jack the Tab

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