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DJ Rocky’s “Radio Ruckus!!!” High in Phat,,, low in moral fiber! (”,)

Saturday, April 21

Once again its Wednesday night and DJ Rocky has been entrusted with the responsibility of getting you over the week’s hump and sailing you smoothly downhill into the weekend, a mixed bag this week,,, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of between. Tune in, turn on, drop out, or whatever it is you do to get you through the day. we don’t judge here at Radio Ruckus, in fact it we have been enabling the enablers since for ever. Tracks this week are brought to you from….

6:00pm: Tired by sugar candy mountain
6:05pm: San Cisco by awkward
6:08pm: Up the junction by squeez
6:12pm: Loose sutures by Fuzz
6:17pm: Wahoo by meatbodies
6:20pm: Flower bomb by Cosmonauts
6:24pm: Shes a riot by The jungle giants
6:27pm: good song by Blur
6:30pm: get lost by LA witch
6:35pm: Mary Please by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
6:39pm: I need a woman by hockey dad
6:43pm: walkin with a woman by Rose Windows
6:50pm: 2000 light years from home by The Rolling Stones
6:54pm: IM mad as hell by DJ Rocky
7:05pm: frontier psychiatrist by the Avalanches
7:07pm: the female of the species by the flytraps
7:10pm: shadow crypt by Demented Are Go
7:14pm: sad sad sad by rocket overdrive
7:19pm: entrance to hell by os catalepticos
7:20pm: holding on for life by broken bells
7:25pm: a forest by the cure
7:28pm: everybody knows by wooden shjips
7:33pm: a day in the life by the beetles
7:39pm: it makes you forget by Peggy Gou
7:43pm: over everything by courtney barnet and curt vile
7:50pm: old fashioned man by becky lee and the drunk foot
7:54pm: ride on by ACDC


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