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Radio Coyote: Music from Astro’s new album “Chicos De La Luz”

Tuesday, August 11


This week I smuggle some new sounds from AstroDisco Ruido, Empress Of, Y La Bamba, and Branko from Buraka Son Sistema PLUS two hours of music inspired by the Latin diaspora.

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Hailing from the high altitudes of Chile, Astro has been making this spacey synth-rock that sounds like the soundtrack if Alice found herself high in the Andes rather than Oz

Their new album “Chicos De La Luz” has many of the playful synths found in their self titled sophomore album “Astro” as well as the drug induced euphoric lyrics found in their first album titled “Le Disc de Astrou.”

Your Weekly Fayuca:
Astro – Uno
Astro – Dimension Suprema
Astro – Chicos De La Luz
Astro -Bardo Thodol
Astro -Druida
Astro – Kufka
Cholita Sound – Transmutation Temple
Disco Ruido – El Laberinto
Empress Of – Kitty Kat
Branko – Let Me Go ft. Nonku hiri & Mr. Carmack
Buscabulla – Sono
Mitu – Lada
Sotomayor – Poema
Major Lazer – Lean On Ft. Mo (Deejay Quality Cumbia remix)
Susana Baca – Plena y Bomba (DJ Alarm & Juan G remix)
Deuce Eclipse & Sonido Baylando – Vintage Futuro
World Hood – Elekes (Sonora remix)
Caetano Veloso – Come As You Are (Nirvana cover)
Gabriel Engelland – El Alma y El Cuerpo (Bomba Estereo cover)
Y La Bamba – Ojos Del Sol
Los Super Elegantes – Victoria
Carmen Sandiego – Tamagotchi
Denver – Diane Keaton
Sunni Colon – Fuchsia
Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Naeja
Xenia Rubinos – I Like Being Alone
Il Abanico – Solo
Helado Negro – Young Latin and Proud
Nicola Cruz – Colibria

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