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Radio Coyote: Barrio Lindo

Friday, December 18


New music from Barrio Lindo, El Duo Combo, Francis Mateo + La Sovietica , and #DearNativeYouth

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This week we start the show chilled out with Barrio Lindo, Nicola Cruz, and Las Hermanas. We then break into some new music from MULA, a little Rita Indiana inspired set, then into Juana Molina’s new project called El Duo Combo. We shoot out to some of the rage coming out of Providence, RI with Downtown Boys & Malportado Kids. Francis Mateo + La Sovietica drop some incredible poetry. We throw in some of our faves like Making Movies, Buyepongo, La Mecanica Popular, and Chicano Batman. In the 2nd hour we go from soul, to rock, to Andean-bass, to new music from Mediopicky, El Remolon, and Atropolis. We end the show with #DearNativeYouth and some beautiful spoken word from “The Last Stand Mixtape Vol. 1”

This is Radio Coyote smugglin’ diasporadical sounds across borders.

Tune in from 2 – 4 pm PST every Friday from ANYWHERE:

Your Weekly Fayuca:
Camino by Barrio Lindo
Cumbia del olvido by Nicola Cruz
XII by Las Hermanas
Indigente by Tipihop
Temporada de Cuervos by MULA
La Sofi by Rita Indiana
Da Po Lo Do by River Tatem
Son Revoluciones by MITI MITI
Pongame el Pongo, Licaldo by El Duo Combo
Ritmo Pegajoso by Los Disco Duro
Monstro by Downtown Boys
1492 Overture by Malportado Kids
Ultima by Xenia Rubinos
Talk to Me, Talk to Me by Le Parody
Carmelita by Francis Mateo + La Sovietica
La Murga by Making Movies
Vivir ft. Diana Gameros (Live) by MaKru
Maestros by Buyepongo
La Paz del Freak by La Mecanica Popular
Bilbao by Chicano Batman
Stoned Soul Picnic by Chicano Batman
Sycamore Tree by Kali Uchis
Messy Love by Gaby Hernandez
LCQNMC by Florian Droids
Tirun dan diri by Jessy Bulbo
San Cipriano by Kali Mutsa
Inca Ninita by Cholita Sound
Ghetto by Mediopicky
Merecumbe by Rionegro
Amar la Cordoba Azul by El Remolon
Soubaro Maloya by Atropolis & Yacouba Sissoko
Native Puppy Love by A Tribe Called Red
#DearNativeYouth by Mic Jordan
The Rez Don’t Visit by David Rico

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