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SUN 1/18/2015 @2AM on RAMPAGE RADIO w/the Prophet of Doom on SFCR/SAVE-KUSF, 4th Anniv. in Exile!

Sunday, January 18


1/18/2015 @ 2AM!




on SFCR >>SAVE-KUSF (in exile)


to Shout out the 4th Anniversary  of University of San Francisco pulling the plug on 90.3 FM KUSF.  Celebrating that we are still broadcasting and fighting!!


the Prophet of Doom

on SFCR >>SAVE-KUSF (in exile)

Radio Valencia.FM!!


“The newest Facebook abomination that is really pissing me off: people who end their posts with “that is all” or “just sayin”. Folks let me tell you something this is proof positive that you’re full of shit. Because what happens a few minutes later……………. You post something else whether it’s related or not. You know who you are, and so I. That is all I got and I am just sayin so you know. I’m watching. That’s all. Just sayin.”- Angelo Ricci

aka the Prophet of Doom!


Every Sat Night/Sun Morn  @2am!!

Rampage Radio BANNER2

 Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

~ Show starts @2am sharp!~



RV horns

Radio Valencia.FM!

Transmisions in the Mission

 Radio Valencia.FM!

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  Radio Valencia.FM!




The Metal Asylum

12-2pm Every Saturday Afternoon!

This is where it all goes down! The finest Thrash, Death, Speed, Black, NWOBHM, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Progressive, Noise, and Post-metal brought to you by ‘The Girl Next Door.’ DJ Jody brings you to the brink of hearing loss and back again, just in time for lunch.
bone zone

The Metal Asylum 12-2pm Every Saturday Afternoon! This is where it all goes down! The finest Thrash, Death, Speed, Black, NWOBHM, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Progressive, Noise, and Post-metal brought to you by ‘The Girl Next Door.’ DJ Jody brings you to the brink of hearing loss and back again, just in time for lunch. bone zone


Rampage 2am



Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:


Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982

San Francisco Community Radio
January 15, 2015
Happy New Year, everybody! How was your holiday season? Ours was fantastic. We got a new boom mic for Christmas! What did you get?
Your friends at San Francisco Community Radio/Save KUSF have a lot to update you on. First, the fourth anniversary of the announcement of the proposed sale of the 90.3 FM broadcast license from the University of San Francisco to the University of Southern California is on Sunday, January 18. In the four years since the proposed sale was announced, we have accomplished a lot. Friends of KUSF, a group of current and former DJs and programers at KUSF 90.3 FM, filed a legal action with the Federal Communications Commission to stop the sale. That action is still on appeal. We created a new, IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit – San Francisco Community Radio – that can hold a broadcast license in San Francisco. We have continued our award-winning programming on the KUSF-in-Exile Internet stream. We have held fund-raisers all over town to raise money and awareness for our cause.
We also have many more goals to accomplish, not the least of which is to return to the terrestrial airwaves. That was the No. 1 goal you guys gave to us in the days following the announcement of the proposed sale and it is our No. 1 goal today. See below for how you can contribute your tax-deductible donation and help us reach that goal.
We are commemorating the anniversary of the shutdown of KUSF 90.3 FM with a full day of programming on the KUSF-in-Exile stream. Please tune in on Sunday! Current and former programmers will be joining us. You can listen to the KUSF-in-Exile stream from our website or through our free Android and iPhone apps (go to the app store and search for KUSF-in-Exile).
Highlights include the return of DJ Schmeejay, who was in the middle of his show when KUSF 90.3 FM was shutdown on January 18, 2011. There will also be a discussion with San Francisco Community Radio volunteers about the future, including our application for a Low Power FM (LPFM) license.
Here’s the complete schedule:
12 midnight-1 a.m. The Yay Show, with DJ Yay
1-2 a.m. Swamphell with DJ Swamplord
2-8 a.m. Rampage Radio!!
Sun Jan 18th 2015 2.00am–8.00am
Found on
KUSF in Exile – San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR)

2:00am:Malevolent Creation “Eve of Apocalypse” from Retribution

2:05am: Sinister “Awaiting the Absu” from Hate & Bastard Saints

2:12am: MORBID ANGEL “fall from grace” from Blessed Are the Sick (Earache Records)

2:17am: Belphegor “Legions of Destruction” from Conjuring the Dead (Nuclear Blast 2014

2:22am: Morbid “From The Dark” from From The Dark Past

2:28am: Cryptik Howling “Eternal Moon of Disgrace”


Absu “Highland Tyrant Attack”
from The Third Storm of Cythraul (Osmose Productions)

2:44amL Carnivore “Angry Neurotic Catholics” from Retaliation (Roadrunner Records)

2:47am:Mayhem “Freezing Moon” from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ((RED) Century Media 1997)

2:53am: Benedictine Monks “Anon” from Chant

2:47am: Mayhem “Freezing Moon” from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ((RED) Century Media 1997)
2:54amBlack Sabbath “Snowblind” from Children Of The Grave
 3:06am: MORBID ANGEL “Maze of Torment” from Altars of Madness (Earache Records)
3:10am: Black Witchery “Blood Oath” from Upheaval of Satanic Might (Osmose Productions 2005)
3:14am: Goatwhore “Embodiment of this Bitter Chaos” from Blood For The Master (Metal Blade Records 2012)
3:19am:Hellhammer “Bloody Pussies” from Demon Entrails (Century Media)
3:24am: Gorguts “Colored Sands” MP3 Album (Season of Mist 2013)
3:32am: Haarp “Peerless” from The Filth ((RED) Housecore Records)
 3:41am: Grave Desecrator “Carnal Obsession” from Deathspells Rising ((RED)
3:48am: Hate Eternal “Darkness By Oath” from Conquering the Throne (Earache Records)
 3:55am; El Duce “Tired of F*ckin You” from God (mentor records)
4:05am: Mayhem “From the Dark Past” from De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ((RED) Century Media 1997)
4:10am: Acid Bath “New Death Sensation” from Paegan Terrorism Tactics ((RED) Rotten Records 1996)

4:17am: Sarcophagus “Bastard Sons Of Ignorance” from Requiem To The Death Of Passion

 4:21am: Acheron “Slaughterisation For Satan” from Lex Talionis
4:25am: Napalm Death “Time Waits for No Slave” (Century Media Records Ltd 2009)
4:30am: Ahab “The Divinity of Oceans” from The Divinity Of Oceans (Napalm Records 2009)

4:41am: In Memorium “Beneath The Endless Ocean” from Lost To Antiquity

4:44am: Abscess “Open Wound” from Thirst For Blood, Hunger For FLesh
 4:46am: The Mentors “Chicks With Dicks” from Rock Bible (mentor records)
4:50am: The Mentors “Sex Slave” from To the Max (mentors records)
4:55am:The Mentors “Four F Club” from You Axed for It (mentor records)

5:05am: Black Sabbath “Killing Yourself to Live” from sabbath bloody sabbath LP Album (Earmark 1973)

5:10am: Ondskapt “Revelations of Another Time” from Dödens evangelium MP3 Album (Next Horizon Records 2005)

5:17am: Gorguts “Waste of Mortality” from Considered Dead MP3 Album (Roadrunner Records 1991)
 5:22am: Haarp “A New Reign” from The Filth ((RED) Housecore Records) 

5:29am: Morbosidad “Consacragion De Satanas” from Profana La Cruz Nazareno

5:33am: Taake “Orkan” from Noregs Vaapen (Karisma / Dark Essence Records 2011)
5:39am: Unleashed “We Must Join With Him” from Midvinterblot MP3 Album (SPV GmbH 2006)
5:43am: Vargsang “Deathyell Of Extermination” from Throne Of The Forgotten
 5:48am: Opeth “The Moor” from Still LIfe (Peaceville Records 2003)
 6:04am: Grave Ritual “Morbid Aura Of Desolation” from Euphoric Hymns From The Altar Of Death
 6:09am: Naglfar “Abysmal Descent” from Sheol ((RED) Century Media 2003)
 6:16am: Testament “Leave Me Forever” from The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast GmbH)
 6:20am: Vehemence “Darkness Is Comfort” from Helping the World to See (Metal Blade Records)
 6:24am: Ouija “The Blood Centurion” from Adversary – EP (
 6:28am: Mortal Decay “Decomposed with Nitric Acid” from Sickening Erotic Fanaticism (Unique Leader Records)
 6:34am: Funerus “Bedpan Commando” from Reduced to Sludge (
 6:38am: Incantation “Rotting With Your Christ” from Blasphemy (Candlelight Records 2002)

 6:41am: Sarcofago “Piercings” from Decade of Decay (Cogumelo Records)
6:46am: Mord “Opus VI” from Christendom Perished (Southern Lord)
6:51am: Necrowretch “Putrid Death Sorcery” (Century Media Records Ltd 2013)
 6:55am: Anaal Nathrakh “The Oblivion Gene” from Domine Non Es Dignus (Season of Mist)
 7:03am: Benedictine Monks “Anon: PuerNatus Est Nobis” from Chant
 7:07am: Ouija “Riding Into the Funeral Paths” (Blackend 2009)
 7:12am: Necrodeath “identity crisis” from 100% Hell (Scarlet Records)
 7:16am: Necrowretch “Goat-Headed” from Putrid Death Sorcery (Century Media Records Ltd 2013)
7:19am: Amorphis “The Sign From The North Side” from The Karelian Isthmus / Privilege of Evil (Relapse Records 1992)
7:24am: Obituary “Final thoughts” from World Demise (Roadrunner Records)
 7:28am: Anal Blasphemy “Crucifix Perversion” from Bestial Black Metal Filth – EP ( 2009)
 7:32am: Incantation “Rotting Spiritual Embodiment” from Onward to Golgotha (Relapse Records)
 7:38am: Kreig “Marching To My Sepulchure” from Death Glorification
 7:45am: Craft “Principium Anguis” from Fuck the Universe MP3 Album (Carnal Records 2005)
7:52am: Funerus “Reduced to Sludge” (
 7:56am: Incantation “Impending Diabolical Conquest” from Diabolical Conquest (Relapse Records)


Periphery with Nothing More, Wovenwar, Thank You Scientist
-Monday, January 26th @ the Fillmore SF


Ancient Mariner (the Ultimate Iron Maiden tribute), the Ghost Next Door & the Swillerz
-Saturday January 31st @ Thee Parkside


Hot Lunch, Buffalo Tooth, Older Sun
-Saturday, January 24th @ Thee Parkside

———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————



1/15/15 – The Dictators NYC, Angry Samoans, Motor 666, The Unfortunate Bastard @ The Slim’s, SF

1/17/15 – Cruel Hand, Angel Du$t, The Beautiful Ones, Chains @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

1/21/15 – Cardinal Wyrm, Mutant Supremacy, Negative Vortex @ Hemlock Tavern, SF

122/15 – The Criminals, Great Apes, with guest DJ Jello Biafra @ DNA Lounge, SF

1/23/15 – Calabrese, Plan 9, Limus, Spawn Atomic, and Hell Fish @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

1/24/15 – Execl, Despise You, ACXDC, Agnostic Blunt @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

1/24/15 – Jucifer, Noothgrush, Ragana, Burmese, Your Enemy, Dry Well @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

1/24/15 – Brubaker, Blackwulf, Serpent Crown @ Bottom of the Hill, SF

1/25/15 – Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium @ Slim’s, SF

1/25/15 – Harm’s Way, Disgrace, Give, Axis, Drown, Enough Said @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley

1/25/15 – Madball, Donnybrook, Mizery, West Lords @ Thee Parkside, SF

1/26/15 – Periphery, Nothing More, Wovenwar, Thank You Scientist @ The Filmore, SF

1/28/15 – Witchburn @ DNA Lounge, SF

1/29/15 – Upon A Burning Body, Veil of Maya, Volumes, Gideon, The Last Ten Seconds of LIfe @ DNA Lounge, SF

1/30/15 – Mayhem, Watain, Revenge @ DNA Lounge, SF

1/31/15 – All Out War, XIBALBA, Creative Adult @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley

1/31/15 – Karma To Burn, Sierra, Egg Shen @ Bottom of the Hill, SF


2/03/15 – Phenagen, Six Gun Saints, Flanelhed, Lucabrazzi @ DNA Lounge, SF

2/05/15 – Seether, Papa Roach, KYNG, Islander @ The Warfield, SF

2/06/15 – Hatriot @ Backbar, San Jose

2/08/15 – Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Aeon, Tribulation @ The Filmore, SF

2/10/15 – John 5 & The Creatures, With Our Arms to The Sun, State Line Empire @ DNA Lounge, SF

2/10/15 – Kill The Messager, A Human Costume, Shepherds We Shall Be @ Bottom of the Hill, SF

2/12/15 – Leftöver Crack, Blackbird Raum, Juicy Karkass @ Thee Parkside, SF

2/13/15 – Ghoul, The Shrine, Born/Dead, Brainoil, Connoisseur @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley

2/14/15 – Leftover Crack, Kicker, Blackbird Raum, Juicy Karkass @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

2/16/15 – Alestorm, Swashbuckle, The Dreadcrew of Oddwood @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

2/18/15 – Cro-Mags, Living Eyes, No Limbs, Domination @ Thee Parkside, SF

2/20/15 – Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, Iron Reagan, Black Crown Initiate, Phobia @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

2/20/15 – Enabler, Call Of The Void, Name, Vitaform, Mourning Sex @ 924 Gilman St, Berkeley

2/20/15 – The Devil In California, Zed, Thandeus Gonzalez, Rubble @ DNA Lounge, SF

2/21/15 – Machine Head @ Regency Ballroom, SF

2/22/15 – I The Breather, Exotype, Forevermore, Come The Dawn @ DNA Lounge, SF

2/28/15 – Turnstile, Superheaven, Take Offense, Forced Order, Seaons Change @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

2/28/15 – The Crowd, CH 3 @ Thee, Parkside, SF


3/07/15 – Enslaved, YOB, Ecstatic Vision @ Slim’s, SF

3/08/15 – Coal Chamber, Filter, Combichrist, American Head Charge @ Regency Ballroom, SF

3/08/15 – Rotting Out Expire, Suburban Scum, Bent Life, Mizery @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

3/13/15 – Wolf King, xTom Hanx, Infinite Waste, Maladjusted, xHostagex, Worse, Dakhma, Turst Club @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley

3/13/15 – Title Fight, Merchandise, Power Trip @ Slims, SF

3/14/15 – Y&T, Anvil @ Regency Ballroom, SF

3/18/15 – Anvil @ Granada Theater, Morgan Hill

3/22/15 – Pig Destoryer, Ghoul, ACXDC, Despise You @ DNA Lounge, SF

3/28/15 – At the Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre @ Regency Ballroom, SF


4/03/15 – D.R.I @ Backbar, San Jose

4/04/15 – D.R.I @ Slim’s, SF

4/11/15 – High on Fire, Orchid, Blues Pills @ Rockbar Theater, San Jose

4/12/15 – Meshuggah, Agostic Front, Asada Messiah @ Rockbar Theater, San Jose

4/17/15 – Electric Wizard, Satan’s Satyrs @ Slim’s, SF

4/28/15 – Nightwish, Sabaton, Delain @ The Warfield, SF


5/10/15 – Ministry@ Regency Ballroom, SF

5/14/15 – Kamelot, Dragonforce @ Regency Ballroom, SF


8/14/15 – Cretin, Primitive Man, Nausea, Cloud Rat @ Oakland Metro, Oakland

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