September 20, 2017, 5:05 AM

Skipper Lee Frazier, KCOH disc jockey and go-go girls, Houston, TX. (c) Benny A. Joseph Thanks everybody for listening to today’s show on Radio Valencia. If you missed the show, you can always download it or stream it down below or at Thanks again and have a good week. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA (intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini Lower Slaughter | Bone Meal []

TOACM Radio! – Thoughts of a Common Man – Guest: Jazz Artist, Victor Fields

September 19, 2017, 5:28 PM

Had an excellent time today with our guest Victor Fields talking about all of his endeavors , an upcoming event, and of course the music. Listen to fun and informative talk radio with host Charles Williams, occasional co-host Eye’z, and Gina “The Producer”. Candid discussions, great guests, and great music. ( Songs played during the show:  Let Me Be Good To You – Victor Fields Moment – King Henry feat. Rhye This Could Be Paradise – Victor Fields Remind Me []

Malderor – Farewell to Harry Dean Stanton, Grant Hart, and the USA.

September 18, 2017, 5:22 PM

Malderor is about to cut out of the country for a month-long vacation, and he had his mom in the studio to hang out and chat. The set also features a lot of Husker Du, to mark the passing of Grant Hart, and more than one Repo Man sample, to mark the sad loss of Harry Dean Stanton. And then things just kind of go off the rails with a bunch of Irish []

Malderor – Melodic Punk Rock Special!

September 18, 2017, 5:17 PM

Malderor had gotten into an online discussion with a bunch of punk rock fans on a Bad Religion page, about various bands that had been influenced by Bad Religion’s brand of melodic punk-rock. And viola, a themed-special was born. Contains a lot of Oozin Aahz. Check it out: 2:00pm: Not Today by Transplants (Not on podcast because we started early.) 2:00pm: Panic by Osker 2:06pm: When I Hear Your Name by Teen Idols []

Illogical Contraption ep 276 – Horton Hears A Boo

September 18, 2017, 4:44 PM

  Direct Download Spoopy September! Al witnesses ritualistic twerk majik. Professional haunters. Bay Area’s most haunted sites. NAD Dad and conspiracy buff WELF calls in to talk sonic weaponry and unsolved baseball mysteries. Siqq Piqqs – G-g-g-GHOSTS! Email us – illconradio AT gmail


September 17, 2017, 11:41 PM

Broadcast 46 is now available for your listening pleasure. Featuring the new F INGERS EP, Awkwardly Blissed Out. F INGERS is an international collaboration between artists Samuel Karmel, Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek. It is a masterfully crafted, dub-laden collection of tracks that immerse listeners into introvertion, paranoia, euphoria and hallucination. Utterly beautiful and highly recommended. Afterwards this broadcast dives into the work of Bay Area-based producer Jay Fields. As one half of Abandoned []

Dance Par-tay (Funk Away The Blues Version) on DustyRadio Valencia Podcast!

September 16, 2017, 8:55 AM

It’s been a rough September so far, and it’s easy to catch a down and dirty case of the blues.  Let Mr. Beau Dayshus infuse you with a healthy dose of funk to help chase those blues away — OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!!

Threnody To The Victims Of Nose Hair Lint Gland

September 14, 2017, 10:00 PM

  Conformity is Your Best ONLY Entertainment Value.           | William S. Burroughs & Donald Fagen – A New Standard By Which To Measure Infamy | Jocelyn Pook – Hell, Fire & Damnation | (spaces between) Dylan Records / Hulk (2003) Movie Webpage | Joe Frank | (excerpts from) “My Personal Space” | Wormhole Loop | Stuart Dempster – Didjeridervish | (excerpts from) “Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps” | Gong – []