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Monday 10pm: Lewton Bus Special

December 9, 2019
8:19 pm

The movies and scenes we loved over the past decade

Lewton Bus, the little film review site that could, takes over the studio once again, to fully film geek out on their favorite films and scenes from 2010-2019

Check out Lewtonbus’s site for movie insights and reviews –

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Cocktales: Sluts-R-US

December 2, 2019
8:05 pm

10pm Tonight, Monday

It’s been awhile since this bartender poured some drinks on the air. Some of my slutty friends are coming by to have a few belts and share the stories (and some of the behaviors) we usually save for late nights in dark bars.

I hear they are even bringing some of their favorite toys.
Don’t miss out on this one.

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Lewton Bus – Holiday Films

November 25, 2019
9:55 pm

It’s that time of the year again. Where families get together, eat, argue, stare awkwardly at each other, until one of them inevitably suggests going to the movies, making Thanksgiving one of the biggest movie weekends of the year.
Sex Cels is going to help make that movie experience a lot more awkward with our list of the most family un-friendly films.
So log onto your Amazon, Redbox, Criterion, Fandango, Flixter and other movie accounts and make your wish list with us tonight.

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10pm Sumiko Saulson on Sex Cels

November 18, 2019
9:29 pm

Sumiko returns with a couple of lovely guests to talk about the release of the book Black Magic Women

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10pm Tonight – Sacred Sexuality

November 11, 2019
5:01 pm

Monika Thomas

Monika of Sexploration With Monika is back! And she brings with her healing BDSM priestess and Sacred Sexologist Francesca Gentille, Join us tonight for interesting exploration into sexuality, kink, and healing.

Francesca Gentille and Monika Thomas

Don’t forget about the special discount for Sex Cels listeners to Confession, A 5-Course Sensual Feast! Beauty, Bondage & Transcendence.
Get 10% off with the code SEXCELS10

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10pm Monday on Sex Cels – Save A Horse…

September 13, 2019
8:04 pm

…Ride a Pony Pinup Girl!

It’s San Francisco’s Tap dancing pinup sweetheart and what a sweet treat she is!

Miss Savvy is a trained dancer, actress and model hailing from the depths of the Barbary Coast where she has been gracing the notorious variety show stages for the past decade.

   She currently lives in Waikiki and produces “Savvy’s Surf Shack.” You may have seen her published in your favorite Rat Rodz of Bachelor Pad Magazine! She recently curated the annual Sailor Jerry Pin Up Pageant in Chinatown Honolulu!

  Joining Miss Savvy on the stage will be the amazing kinkster Luna SF!


  Luna came out as kinky at 19 and never looked back.
Her desire and devotion of Leather care and Boot blacking earned her the esteemed title of International Community Bootblack in 2011. With her platform, she has been able to connect subcultures and build community bridges as well as raise funds for Transgender Law Center, AIDS Emergency Fund, and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund.

Simultaneously, Luna’s lifelong love of music, DJ skills and working performance knowledge made her a “performers DJ” at Red Hot’s Burlesque where she enjoyed a nearly 2 year residency.

IG: @AlohaMissSavvy

IG: @dj.rosegold

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The Measure of a Woman – 10pm 8/29

July 29, 2019
8:13 pm

Tonight, 10pm, on Sex Cels –
Little girl, young lady, young woman, woman – all of these are applied to women and girls of all ages. Depending on how we want to see them in the moment. From infantilization to premature maturation, how do we see girls in society? And how does the way we reference their maturity effect how we see, and treat little girls to adult women?

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