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The Orgasm Gap w/ Carina

Friday, May 27

the orgasm gap carina



This week on Sex Cels, we’re joined by Carina to talk about an issue many dance around: the Orgasm Gap. Numerous sources show that in the average heterosexual sexual encounter, women experience fewer orgasms than men. We’ll talk about reasons that could explain this gap, the experiences of women with the gap, the consequences for men and women, their relationships, and their interactions, and what you can do to close the orgasm gap!

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One Response

  • d says:

    so… my wife typically has two orgasms to my every one (not trying to brag here), but it’s the result of her handiwork with a vibrator. i’d like to be the “prime mover” here, so to speak. she’s not into fingering, oral, etc. so i’m at a loss to what i can do. any suggestions?