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Fat Bottomed Girls Will Make the Rockin’ World Go Round. No Diet Day Fat Flash Mob.

Thursday, April 10

“Unapologetic fattie” and local burlesque sensation Juicey D. Light
joins our show tonight to talk about her upcoming event, Fat Flash Mob.
Fat Flash Mob is part of the 3rd Annual International Health and Fitness Month and, in particular, International No Diet Day on May 6th.

The beautiful Juicey D. Light

As a part of Rubenesque Burlesque as well as her solo performances, Juicey D. Light has been the model of Fat and Sexy. She wants to help other women to be able to “Come out as fat”. To be able to say “Yes. I AM fat. And Yes. I AM sexy!” The Fat Flash Mob is an opportunity to do just that.

Listen tonight at midnight as the vivacious Juicey D. gives us all the *ahem* Juicy Details. Then check out the video, learn the dance, and join in the Fat Flash Mob.

Fat Flash Mob Choreography

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