Sex Cels

Let’s Get It On: Sexy Time Soundtracks

Sunday, August 26

Music has a profound effect on our lives. A good fight song can pump up a stadium of fans. A sad ballad can move a theater full of movie to let go of those tears during the right moment of a film. And these songs, when heard outside of context, can bring back those moments and those feelings.

So what about those sexy moments? Whether you are making love or getting down and dirty, the right music can make the moment, and bring back the memories.

Local performer and comedian Selena Biels will join us in the studio to discuss what makes the perfect soundtrack for getting it on, getting down, getting your grove on, and boogying all night long.

Sex Cels is broadcast live Monday nights at 10pm Pacific Time on Radio Valencia. It can be streamed live from the links on the home page. Or by going to Radio Valencia’s page on Tune In Radio–

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