Sex Cels

TERF Slam!

Monday, May 14

Many of us spend a lot of energy keeping our cool while trying confronting ignorance and hate online, while fighting misinformation with calm, collected facts. All the while, fielding the bile spewing from trolls whose heads are exploding from their small-minded reality being challenged, who, between mouth-frothing, nonsensical diatribes, calls anyone who doesn’t agree with them “snowflakes”, and then insists it was all a joke. We have been hacked, doxxed, and just run emotionally ragged, all in the fight against uninformed, fear-based hate.
Tonight, we put down the kid gloves and let it all out. We are calling out TERFs on their hateful bullshit, and pulling no punches

Join us on Sex Cels for the first ever TERF Slam
10pm, Monday nights, on Radio Valencia

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