Step Ya Game Up

Step Ya Game Up: What’s Your Addiction?

Thursday, March 12


What’s your addiction and how much would you sacrifice to feed your want for it? good or bad the outcome is always your choice… On this weeks show we had V1C out of Oakland, CA talk about his addiction which is music. His love for beats and lyrics and how he transitioned from engineer to an artist. We also had Cartier Music Group artist D Boy come through with his single “NOBODY” and show off some of his addiction which is singing. To end our show with a bang and in honor of International Women’s Day which was Sunday March 8th, we had Author Tamekia Nicole, talk about her addictions in life in her book LOVE MADE ME DO IT. A book that will have you reading up until the end. What’s a good movie if you can’t watch it all? This book is a must read and a soon to be Lifetime movie.



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