The Metal Asylum

The Metal Asylum Playlist: 7/9/11

Saturday, July 9


You thought the Metal Asylum was gone forever, didn’t you, hmmm? Nope, no such luck! I’m back, snarling, with a clenched fistful of new music. Diehard fan Alex Penafiel summed it up nicely when he posted on Facebook: “That hurt my bowels just thinking of the heaviness.” Right on.

1. Onslaught | Fight With the Beast | The Force
2. Kreator | Behind the Mirror | Terrible Certainty
3. Laaz Rockit | Erased (Live) | No Stranger to Danger
4. Metallica | Metal Militia | Kill ‘Em All
5. Exodus | Shroud of Urine | Tempo of the Damned
6. Shrinebuilder | The Architect | S/T
7. Big Business | Easter Romantic | Head for the Shallow
8. Black Cobra | The Sapphire Falcon | Feather and Stone
9. YOB | Doom #2 | The Illusion of Motion
10. Bison B.C. | Medication | Quiet Earth
11. Goatwhore | Provoking the Ritual of Death | Carving Out the Eyes of God
12. Suffocation | Provoking the Disturbed | Blood Oath
13. Cattle Decapitation | Regret and the Grave | The Harvest Floor
14. From a Second Story Window | In a River Where you Least Expect it There Will Be Fish | Not One Word Has Been Omitted
15. Cave In | Vicious Circles | White Silence
16. Cave In | Ebola | Until Your Heart Stops
17. Immortal | Damned in Black | Damned in Black
18. Anaal Nathrakh | Volenti Non Fit Iniuria | Passion
19. Altar of Plagues | Watchers Restrained | White Tomb

Listen to the podcast: The Metal Asylum: 7/9/11

xoxo Jody


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