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The Metal Asylum Playlist: 7/16/2011

Sunday, July 17

The apex of today’s show was quite possibly my dramatic reading of the lyrics from “Pee Wee Herman/Paul Rubens” by Ed Gein. Here are the lyrics: “Isn’t it a relief to know that even the most perfect people have flaws? Hiding secrets behind candy coated exteriors. A book with a perfect cover hiding dry rotted pages. But don’t worry you goody-goody some day you will fall. Someday you will be caught pulling it in a movie theater. Someday….you will fall.” Ponder THAT, metalheads!

And here’s the playlist:

1. Craft | Past, Present, Dead | Total Soul Rape
2. Farsot | Thematik: Hass | IIII
3. October Falls | Part III | A Collapse of Faith
4. Black Cobra | Machine | Chronomega
5. Watain | Reaping Death | Reaping Death – EP
6. Lamb of God | Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard | New American Gospel
7. Bolt Thrower | Celestial Sanctuary | The IVth Crusade
8. Death | Suicide Machine | Fate
9. Iron Monkey | Bad Year | Our Problem
10. Rabbits | A Tale of Tales | Lower Forms
11. Leng Tch’e | Death’s Head Cockroach | Hypomanic
12. Smoke and Smoke | Abandon Ship | Love Suffers Long
13. Conifer | Albuquerque | Conifer
14. Dark Castle | Flight Beyond | Spirited Migration
15. Ed Gein | Pee Wee Herman/Paul Rubens | Judas Goats & Dieseleaters
16. Genghis Tron | Sing Disorder | Cloak of Love – EP
17. The Number 12 Looks Like You| Clarissa Explains Cuntainment | An Inch of Gold for an Inch of Time – EP
18. United Nations | The Shape of Punk that Never Came | S/T
19. Refused | The Shape of Punk to Come | The Shape of Punk to Come
20. Metal Church | Beyond the Black | Rhino Hi-Five: Metal Church – EP
21. Warrior | Defenders of Creation | Fighting for the Earth
22. Armored Saint | March of the Saint | March of the Saint
23. Anvil | 666 | Metal on Metal

Listen to the podcast: The Metal Asylum: 7/16/2011

xoxo Jody


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