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The Metal Asylum Playlist: 5/26/12

Saturday, May 26


It’s the Metal Asylum BRITISH INVASION! Today’s show is dedicated to my amazing dad, Gerry Worthington, who was the Metal Asylum’s #1 fan, and is sorely missed. Born and raised in Ringwood (Hampshire), England, he would have appreciated the 100% Blue Blood English Metal playlist I put together in his honor.

I’m sure you lot are familiar with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) during the late ’70s and early ’80s, but you might not be aware of the myriad kick-ass hardcore, death metal, black metal and proto-industrial metal bands that herald from Dear Old Blighty. From Birmingham to London to Stoke-on-Trent, I’ve got it covered.

So, bottoms up, enjoy the tunes, and as my dad would say: “OFF WE GO!”


1. Black Sabbath | Sabbath Bloody Sabbath | Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Birmingham)
2. Diamond Head | Lightning to the Nations | Am I Evil? (Stourbridge)
3. Uriah Heep | Bird of Prey | Uriah Heep (London)
4. Judas Priest | White Heat, Red Hot | Stained Class (Birmingham)
5. Tokyo Blade | Death On Main Street | Tokyo Blade (Salisbury)
6. Iron Maiden | The Trooper | Piece of Mind (Leyton)
7. Discharge | Ignorance (Extended Version) | Never Again (Stoke-On-Trent)
8. Onslaught | Thrash Till the Death | The Force (Bristol)
9. Savage Messiah | Insurrection Rising | Insurrection Rising (London)
10. Evile | Schizophrenia | Enter the Grave (Huddersfield)
11. Carcass | No Love Lost | Heartwork (Liverpool)
12. Bolt Thrower | What Dwells Within | Warmaster (Coventry)
13. Betraeus | Towards the Sun | Towards the Sun (Manchester)
14. Sikth | Suffice | How May I Help You (Watford)
15. Xerath | Intrenity | I (town unknown)
16. My Dying Bride | Your River | The Angel & the Dark River (Bradford)
17. Hecate Enthroned | Centuries of Wolfen Hunger | Dark Requiems… and Unsilent Massacre (Cheshire)
18. Cradle of Filth | Absinthe With Faust | Nymphetamine (Suffolk)
19. Tesseract | Sunrise | One (Reading)
20. Napalm Death | Evolved As One | From Enslavement to Obliteration (Birmingham)
21. Cathedral | Ebony Tears | Forest of Equilibrium (Coventry)
22. Godflesh | Wound | Streetcleaner (Birmingham)
23. Killing Joke | The Wait | Killing Joke (London)
24. Electric Wizard | Black Mass | Black Masses (Dorset)

Listen here:


xo Jody

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